Were Democrats Behind The 'Russian Dossier?'


You might not understand all the hysteria over the Russian story. If you’re like most Americans, you really don’t care. But let me try, in some small way, to shed light on this entire controversy.

It’s all bullcrap. The end. Thank you very much.

But seriously, the crux of this idea is that Russia “hacked” our presidential election, affecting the outcome. More so, that Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, was somehow working with Russia to undermine our election.

This is what the Democrats are trying to convince you of, in the hopes of mounting a campaign to remove Trump from office. Wildly optimistic, I know, considering in order to remove a man from office you must first impeach him. Both require votes from a Congress that is majority Republican. Then if you are successful in that, you end up with Mike Pence as president, a much, much more traditional conservative than Trump.

Democrats know this will never happen. So, their far more realistic goal is to slander the Trump administration as much as they can, so that he lacks the good will to pass his promised goals. Then by 2020, there is little chance he will be reelected.

It’s political sabotage, plain and simple.

But you might be asking yourself, “Why?” Why would responsible, professional adults, people who—in many cases—have served in government for decades, want to play such games? Wouldn’t it make more sense to accept the results of the 2016 election and vow to cooperate with the Trump administration?

Surely putting aside their grievances and disagreements for the sake of the country is more beneficial for the Democrats than digging in their feet and fighting like petulant children? Especially when their only ammunition against Donald Trump is a wild, unsubstantiated rumor?

Considering the fact that Trump is a known negotiator, who has decades of experiencing working with diverse groups and people, it’s very likely that Democrats would strike amicable deals with his administration that would make everyone happy.

Well my friends, if you believe that, you’re far more intelligent and morally upright than most liberals in D.C.

The truth is, they don’t want to do what’s in the best interests of our country. They don’t want to compromise and work with the administration to make things better for America. To do so would make them look politically weak. Yes, they would win big in the long run, reach new levels of success among both liberals and conservatives, and even achieve wins that would make liberals happy. But it would require working with Republicans.

We can’t have that!

So instead of swallowing their pride and working with a president who—in many ways—is more liberal than conservative, the Democratic Party has decided to commit political suicide.

They have vowed to go down with the ship. They lost big in November. In recent special elections, they’ve lost yet again (they sunk reportedly $50 million into Georgia’s relatively small special election only to lose big). All because for years they’ve pushed policy that’s alienated many Americans from their base.

And now, when they might be able to claw back some success by working with a popular president, they continue to fight like crazy people.

When people like Al Franken and Maxine Waters to be the face of the Democrats, you know there’s trouble.

So why the Russia story? Well, part of it is because Democrats stupidly think we’re still in the Cold War. Or, they still think Americans are too stupid to know that ended in 1989. Russia for them is still a scapegoat (proving they are using wildly outdated political tactics from the 1950’s and 60’s).

When Hillary was embarrassed by factual emails she and her people sent, instead of owning up to it and working through it for the good of the campaign (as Trump did after his p*ssy audio came out), they concocted this ridiculous story. They want you to think that Russia hacked their servers, gave the emails to Wikileaks, all with cooperation from the Trump campaign.

But wait, no. The DNC was already embarrassed by an email leak months before, that revealed top leaders were helping Hillary and sabotaging Bernie’s campaign. Were those emails from Russia too?

The Democrats pushed the idea that Russia was trying to undermine our election, in the hopes that you’d be too stupid to pay attention to the emails. Of course, that ignores all the other reasons Hillary lost the election, like her low likeability among normal people, her poor track record as a leader (e.g.: Benghazi), Americans’ bitterness over the Obama administration, and of course how hard Trump was campaigning to win people over.

But no, it was all the Russians.

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