Trump To Stick To His Word On Paris Climate Accord

Trump To Stick To His Word On Paris Climate Accord

Donald Trump has decided that America will exit the Paris Climate Accords unilaterally entered into by President Obama in 2016.

Trump authored a Tweet making clear that he is just about ready to reveal his plans regarding the Paris Accords to the public, but multiple sources have confirmed that the decision has been made: America is out.

The Washington Times reported that three potential exit options have been discussed, but that the broader decision for America to disengage from the Paris agreement is final. America will have to pay to exit, what form that departure tax will take is likely the key debate being had in the White House, presumably led by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

The Paris agreement was one which neither the American people nor legislators had a say in, a massive burden on future American generations signed onto solely by President Obama. Undoing the ill effects of that one man’s wanton consent in Paris will not be quick nor painless.

While the decision to vacate the Paris agreement was presumably made days, if not weeks or months ago, Pruitt has stated that completing a formal exit from America’s agreed-to obligations could potentially take years. However long it takes, however tedious and contentious the proceedings become, escape from the Paris climate albatross is more than worth it.

I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how economically stifling and selectively punitive the agreement is, both in America and the developing world.