Trump: 'No Politician In History' Has Been Treated More Unfairly

  • Calvin Wolf
  • May 18, 2017 2:25PM

He probably won’t be impeached, but Donald Trump’s street cred will likely take a tarnishing over his reaction to the appointment of a special counsel to investigate potential ties between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (filling in for AG Jeff Sessions, who has recused himself from the investigation) has appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller as the special counsel, indicating that the thorn in Donald Trump’s side will linger. Each week, the situation seems to grow worse for the former reality TV star. 

What began with an innocuous-seeming faux pas from Trump’s new national security adviser, former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, has grown and morphed into a web of deception and hostility.

Stinging from numerous self-inflicted wounds, most recently involving the unexpected firing of FBI Director James Comey, Trump has lost his cool, yet again. In addition to his Twitter tirades, which are now expected, the nation’s chief executive told graduates at his U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement speech that no other politician in history has been treated worse or more unfairly.” His tweet in response to the naming of Robert Mueller as special counsel was a complaint that nobody had appointed a similar figure to investigate the Obama administration or [Hillary] Clinton campaign, declaring that this was the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

As per usual, Trump did not offer any alleged illegalities committed by the Obama administration that would merit investigation. And, although no special prosecutor was tapped to investigate Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server, she was indeed investigated by the FBI.  Trump’s increasing complaints are starting to sound like a childish whine-fest, and it may soon come to weaken his support.

Trump made it to the White House on tough talk, smirks, and leading a boisterous crowd that frequently derides liberals as whiny “snowflakes.” For eight years under the Obama administration, Republicans took pleasure in poking and sneering at liberals. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. But, instead of weathering liberal taunts with stoicism, the self-styled tough guy in the Oval Office is losing his cool.

It will be hard for Trump’s supporters to keep mocking liberal “snowflakes” when their own leader is having meltdowns left and right.