Trump: No More Transgender Military Recruits


What is the role of a modern military? Is it to promote contemporary mores, exploring and supporting the most radical cultural shifts in our society?

Or is it supposed to kill people?

I know casting the U.S. military in such a brutal light can sound crass and crude. But when you boil down everything, that’s what the military is meant to do. Yes, they are tasked with keeping the United States safe. Yes, they are highly-trained technicians, engineers, and officers. They design and build impressive pieces of equipment and technology. All in pursuit of the goal of keeping Americans safe.

By killing those that mean us harm.

In our darkest hours, during times of horrendous trials, the U.S. military has helped hold our country together. When we were slammed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, it was our brave young men who banded together to protect the United States—and help liberate Europe and the rest of the world from the Axis powers.

When our country was hammered by the terror attacks on 9-11, when close to 3,000 American civilians were murdered, it was the brave men and women in the Armed Forces that held us together. As someone who lived in the New York area, going in and out of the city, I saw the National Guard posted by the bridges, subway entrances, and other major sections. They stood guard to ensure the rest of us were able to go about our business safely.

It is our military that has the difficult task of holding everything together when it seems like there are forces tearing us apart. The rigorous training our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines undergo prepares them to face the horrors of war. All so that we don’t have to, and can live free.

It all sounds like platitudes, but it’s the truth. War is brutal. Combat, during any era, is horrifying and soul-crushing. Those that serve in the military, who’ve dealt with unspeakable challenges, do so in order to keep America safe. I’ve had veterans tell me stories about what they’ve seen on the battlefield. Trust me, it’s not something most of us can deal with. I know I couldn’t.

To serve in the military is no light task. It’s not like any other job. Most don’t do it because it’s a quick way to a thriving career. Most don’t do it because they prefer it over a day job in an office. They do it because they feel it is their duty. They truly believe they are helping protect the American way.

For that alone, we should honor and respect our service men and women and the veterans who served in times of war.

Anyone who wants to serve should serve. If they love their country, and want to fight to keep it safe, why shouldn’t they?

But we need to take a hard look at the role of our military. It’s not a country club or a college. It’s not a training program to help you find a career. Nor is it some kind of democracy, where everyone gets their say.

The military is about training the very best troops to kill our enemies. Each branch of the military is a strict hierarchy, built on a chain of command. Service men are required to undergo serious training of their bodies and minds and are expected to show complete loyalty to their superiors. They are being prepared for war, after all.

With that in mind, we need to understand the decision that came out this week from President Trump. And why it’s vital in preserving our country’s peace and safety.

President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he is not allowing transgender people to serve in the U.S. military, a reversal of former President Obama’s decision last year to let them serve…

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical cost and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.” (Breitbart)

People with common sense will read the President’s statement and won’t bat an eye. It’s the military after all. You can’t have people serving that don’t meet the basic requirements.

The burden of maintaining our Armed Forces is never-ending. The military trains large groups of recruits. They equip them with food, housing, clothing, and gear. Not to mention adequate education. In addition to this, they have buildings, bases, vehicles, weapons, and myriad other items that must be maintained and repaired. Of course, you have travel costs, salaries, and many other requirements with price tags.

All is justifiable, when considering what the military does to keep America safe. In light of all that, should the cost of extra, transgender training, even sex reassignment surgeries, be added to that burden?

It’s almost unthinkable when you look at it in that light. People who want to serve our country should be able to do so—if they meet the requirements. Not everyone makes it out of boot camp. If you’re one of the precious few Americans who calls themselves transgender, you just might have to accept the fact that your unique condition disqualifies you from service.

Advocates for transgenders to serve in the military want to make it another political movement. Another notch in their belt for “progressivism.” The military is not a place for liberal nonsense. Our Armed Forces will not be able to succeed if they are hampered by the stupid ideology that has been poisoning our government for decades.

The Obama administration pushed for rules that made it almost impossible for soldiers to even shoot enemy targets. It’s no surprise that his administration would burden the military with largely symbolic demands regarding transgenders. Demands that would make it difficult for them to do their job.

The left’s long-time hatred for the military hasn’t died down. It’s only intensified.

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