Trump And Sessions Ending Phase-Out Of Private Prisons


Privatizing public education is bad. Under the gaze of our new Secretary of Education, Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos, many states will likely begin doling out taxpayer dollars to help subsidize for-profit schools. Although voucher programs have long been touted as a way to help poor kids escape the drudgery of failing public schools, it’s a virtual guarantee that most voucher money will go to wealthy and upper-middle-class families. And where will this voucher money come from? Since Republicans loathe the idea of raising taxes (unless it’s for, you know, military spending), those dollars will inevitably be diverted from traditional public schools.

Public schools will be de-funded in order to give subsidies to rich kids whose parents had, until now, been unable to foot the full bill for private school tuition.

The possibility of this future brought about record levels of protest against a cabinet nominee. In the run-up to DeVos’ controversial confirmation, which required a tie-breaking vote by vice president Mike Pence, Senators’ offices were deluged with phone calls, emails, and letters. The pressure was so great that two Republicans actually broke ranks and voted against DeVos. For those who actually voted to confirm the matriarch of privatization…well, let’s just say that they will have tough questions to answer in 2018 and beyond.

But something even more loathsome than the privatization of public education has been occurring in the United States and should shock every citizen: The privatization of prisons.

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