The Trouble In Sweden Is Not Going Away


I am acquainted with several people who- in their younger years- traveled to various countries in Europe. Mostly for business and work, they visited places like France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden over the course of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. All of them had positive things to say about those countries, particularly the Scandinavian lands of Norway and Sweden.

The image many Americans have of Sweden is of peaceful blond people who live in the mountains eating fish. That may have been true at one point. But things have changed.

Perhaps it's this outdated image of Sweden that's made Americans so unwilling to accept what President Trump said on February 19. During a rally in Florida, Trump remarked about the terrible conditions in Europe- including Sweden- thanks to their unregulated acceptance of migrants from the Middle East.

We've seen the terrible things that have been going on in places like Belgium, France, and Germany. For a while now, German citizens have been up in arms over the dangers millions of migrants pose to their country (not that you'd see it reported by the media). But people who pay attention to unbiased media will have known about the conditions in Sweden for a while now. Conditions that lead many citizens to feel they are no longer living in their native lands.


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