The Right Has Been Quick To Abandon Trump Over Syria

  • Adam Casalino
  • Apr 7, 2017 3:15PM

Yep, President Trump fired missiles at Syria.

News outlets, pundits, and all the so-called political experts are weighing in on the issue. People will be debating the pro's and con's of this action for the next few days (unless something else takes the limelight). And we will hear no end of bellyaching about it for many weeks or months to come (especially if this is drawn out into a larger campaign).

I'm reserving judgment on the entire situation until more information comes out. It's clear that Syria has been a complete mess for a long time. The war has been raging for six years. It has generated a migrant crisis that's spread to Europe and parts beyond. And of course, it has resulted in many lost lives.

From the beginning, people have been pointing fingers over who's to blame for Syria- and by extension, much of the conflict in the Middle East. To untangle the mess that is Middle Eastern conflict and politics will require the expertise of someone much smarter than myself. But we can explore America's involvement in recent years and at least speculate on our motives.

Much of why we are involved in the Middle East right now can be attributed to the 9-11 terror attacks. Yep, we have to go all the way back there. Those devastating attacks dramatically changed world politics in ways we still don’t fully understand. But it did compel the United States to return to a part of the world that never seems to stay settled.

Our immediate response was to invade Afghanistan, which is where it was believed Bin Laden and his forces were hiding (we later learned the rat fled to Pakistan). Soon after that, we invaded Iraq, for nebulous reasons, at best. Many American to this day still don't understand why we invaded Iraq, when it seemed the goal had always been to stomp out the terrorists responsible for 9-11. While the leaders of Iraq were corrupt and quite possibly aiding terrorists, there was never a clear reason for why we had to invade (we all know the WMD's reason wasn't 100% valid).

Some speculated we were after the oil. Some even speculated that Bush was trying to finish the work his father started in the 90's (yet another conflict in the Middle East).

Either way, the War in Iraq lead to problems that brought about the rise of ISIS and the current Syrian war. Like I said, it's pretty tangled.

This past week we learned that the Syrian president used chemical weapons to kill civilians in a hospital. This act was so egregious, it led President Trump to reverse his long-standing opinion about the Middle East to fire missiles at an airbase to cripple Syrian's chemical weapons arsenal.

But was our response justified? Already Trump supporters, namely the alt-right and non-traditional conservatives, are flipping out over this action.

Some of my more radical (i.e.: dishonest) colleagues online are saying it's a prelude to war. Even hardcore right-wingers are abandoning Trump as we speak, just because this act has pleased liberals.

Not the best policy to live by, guys.