Progressivism: It's Never Going To Be Enough

Progressivism: It's Never Going To Be Enough

No matter what you do, liberals will never be happy.

I would preface that I'm talking about extreme, empty-headed liberals that don't think for themselves. But more and more I'm learning that even the "sensible" leaders of liberalism in America operate under a form of self-delusion.

This week we learned of the "bombshell" news that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. All of a sudden the liberals were outraged. They claimed that Trump did it because Comey was investigating him over the Russian-hacking case.

Even Edward Snowden, whistle-blower and criminal fugitive, tweeted this:

But hang on. Didn't Democrats hate James Comey? Wasn't he the man they blamed for Hillary Clinton's loss? Even until last week Hillary herself was blaming Comey for her titanic loss at the polls. Democrats claimed that Comey's shoddy and unprofessional handling of her email investigation cost her votes, especially when he reopened the investigation just days before the election.

But now, because Trump fired Comey, they're furious?

Which begs the question, even when liberals get what they want, can they ever be happy?

Keep in mind that we had eight years with a progressive, black, Democrat president. Yet under Obama was saw the rise of a new breed of social justice warriors, protestors (like Occupy Wall Street), and even Black Lives Matter. Even with him in the White House, liberals had reason to complain.

There is something inherently wrong with liberal logic. If we can even call it logic. Much of it is built around the idea that our society is fundamentally broken and needs reform.

In the past, this concept was used to confront specific problems that needed real change, like Civil Rights. It is a fact that in the United States, black people were treated worse than white people. So over the course of several generations, Civil Rights advocates fought for change. And they got it.

But when you use the same logic as a blanket for everything in society, then you are creating conditions in which you can never, truly win.

Feminists think a patriarchy is running our society, i.e.: an evil cabal of white, cis-gender men that work to suppress women (and gays, and black people, and anyone with purple hair). Although for decades affirmative action has helped eliminate real or perceived sexism in our society, for some reason feminists believe these evil white men are pulling the strings.

Maybe it's because there are still men alive in our country.

Or maybe it's because they created conditions that can never be changed. If you think there is a secret conspiracy aimed at destroying you- without valid proof to back it up- you will never be able to fully defeat it. Any problem you encounter, every perceived slight, you can always blame on this shadowy scapegoat.