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The Politics Of Potter: Will J.K. Rowling Take In Refugees?

  • Adam Casalino
  • Feb 22, 2017 10:10AM

Celebrities are stupid. There I said it. There's something about getting famous, or getting a lot of money, that must do something to their brains.

Maybe once someone becomes decidedly rich- maybe there's a set number- they lose touch with reality and common sense. We can see that in the weird behavior of notable Hollywood cult leaders. Tom Cruise and many, many others devote themselves to a bizarre religion that most people would find shocking and creepy.

Maybe all that money and popularity makes a person think that every thought that enters their tiny brain is right. Maybe after years of making movies or going on talk shows, being applauded by screaming fans, you start to believe your own press.

Maybe it's all the yes men that many celebrities surround themselves with. Honestly, you wouldn't hire someone that disagrees with you right? So it makes sense that if you're rich and powerful enough, you might lose perspective, as was the case with George Lucas- who changed movies with the original Star Wars trilogy- only to later produce some real stinkers.

Perhaps the worst example of celebrity stupidity is in the area of politics. I've written before, quite a bit actually, about how wrong it is for actors, musicians, and other popular figures to tell us what to think or how to vote. You see, when they do it in a movie or book (which is the real reason entertainment exists: indoctrination), we at least have a choice on whether or not to agree. But when they make videos telling us what to do, it becomes a little more hostile.