More Reasons Not To Trust The Media


I really hate the mainstream media. I think that's easy to decipher from just a cursory glance at the kind of content I write on TrigTent.

But don't think that my obvious bias against the liberal media doesn't have justification. I like to consider myself a rational, open-minded person. We all have our blind spots, of course, but when it comes to dealing with the media, you quickly realize something's not right. When approached with an open mind, you soon learn you're dealing with a cesspool.

No matter your personal views, when discussing the media, you quickly discover that the major news outlets in America (and many around the world) are not working for your best interests. Anyone with basic common sense can point out the times the predominately liberal media twists facts, distorts reality, or deliberately omits information, simply to promote a certain narrative.

What is that narrative? Well, it changes from time to time, doesn't it? It's not simply to push liberal dogma onto society; sure, that's a part of it. But you have to realize that not all media covers politics. News outlets like CNN, New York Times, Fox News (yep, I hate them too), and online sites like the Huffington Post are pieces of larger corporations. These corporations have their own agendas.

Often reporters will spin stories that protect their parent companies' best interests. That means honest reporting is way low on the priority totem pole.

Plus in today's media landscape, they are rapidly losing ground to emergent sources of news and entertainment. More and more young people (i.e.: the future) are learning about the world through YouTube or the podcaster of their choice. They don't need New York Times to tell them what to think.

This has led to "respectable" institutions lashing out at the least likely people, in pathetic attempts to discredit them.

That video defending Pew Die Pie after the mainstream media attacked him and called him a racist was made by another YouTuber coming to his defense. Another new influencer who is usurping the traditional media's role in reporting and commenting on current events and culture.


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