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Marine Le Pen Might Actually Be The Next President Of France

  • Kristina Evans
  • Feb 21, 2017 12:40PM

Last week, the head of France’s nativist, anti-globalist political party, National Front (NF), was given two hours of primetime television to share her perspectives. Marine Le Pen, daughter of Jean-Marie, is an eloquent, guarded version of our very own orange dictator, and is quickly becoming a mainstream political leader. In fact, according to Arun Kant, chief executive and chief investment officer at the Leonie Hill Capital investing firm, Le Pen is on track to be the next president of France.

Thanks to the popularity of the far-right’s ideas, he believes his firm’s proprietary system’s analysis of data that predicts Le Pen will “walk over” her opponents. Given that her policies mirror those of President Trump- she is a harsh critic of open borders and free trade- it may not be that far a stretch. Kant is alone in his predictions, with most strategists believing she will reach the second round of voting, but estimate that she will only have about a 30% chance of winning the presidency.

Sounds alarmingly similar to other predictions pre-Brexit and Trump election, though. And given Le Pen’s lineage, I have no doubts that she may experience a surge in support as the populist movement expands.