The Left Continues To Harass Conservative America


It was only a matter of time before things got this bad. Damn, I hate to think what I will be saying six months from now, but the truth is the chaos that is unfolding across America and the world was inevitable. If you poke an animal long enough, it doesn’t matter how tame it is, it’s going to eventually bite back.

That’s what we’re seeing happen right now among conservatives and non-liberals.

For a long time, long before Donald Trump was elected, the left have attacked conservatives. They have painted us as racists and bigots. They have claimed we only help the rich and oppress the working classes and poor. They brand us all white supremacists and sexists, despite the many non-white, non-male conservatives in America.

They have harassed us, bullied us, and used every dirty trick in the book to keep us down. Did you not expect us to fight back?

Every time a liberal is elected, or a liberal cause advances, the left claims it is a victory for all people. We should all celebrate, because a liberal win is a win for humanity. Yet when a conservative is elected amd conservative value is upheld or protected, it’s the end of the world. Hope dies. Democracy is in peril. All the good that exists in the world is withering and dying. Give me a break.

The double standard coming from the left is no accident. It is a part of their strategy. They use trickery and deceit to get their way. Seemingly noble causes are warped and manipulated to win over large amounts of supports. Yet ironically those same causes—and people—are the very last things liberals care about.

How else can you explain “environmentalists” like DiCaprio and Gore flying in high-polluting jets and living in massive, power-consuming mansions? Or the many environmental protestors that destroy the environment with trash and garbage? How else can you explain Socialists like Bernie Sanders railing against the richest one percent, while his earnings put him in that very same category?

The left lies, rewrites history, ignores facts, and then calls you the villain for confronting them. They thrive off of manipulated emotions, empty sentiments, and flawed logic. And their solution after years of their policies failing? Give them more power!

Is it any wonder why a man like Donald Trump, flaws and all, can be elected to the White House? Talk about Russia all you want, but come 2018 and 2020, more of the same will happen.

People were shocked and downright dumbfounded when they saw Donald Trump gain traction during the primaries. They couldn’t believe the vast amounts of Americans could support a man with no prior political experience, whose claim to fame was for saying “You’re fired!”

But these liberals were deliberately ignorant of the situation many Americans were facing.

Just as Alfred explained to Bruce Wayne, “You pushed them to a point of desperation, so they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand.”

The only person you can blame for President Donald Trump is President Barack Obama. Barry’s radical social justice agenda, his empty promises, his consistently duplicitous behavior, successfully pushed Americans for a massive change.

The glorious, liberal, Socialist utopia the left was hoping to create came crashing down.. All because Americans were tired of being branded as the enemies of the world.

Terrorism? That’s America’s fault! Poor global economy? America! Global Warming? America! Race problems? You better believe that’s America’s fault. No country ever had race problems before the United States!

It’s hardly a surprise to see how America revolted against the ever-tightening grip of liberal Socialism by electing Trump. Even the most radical liberals acknowledged this during the election (and must sorely regret saying anything now).

But what has been the left’s reaction in this new age? Have they changed tactics? Have they tried to embrace Americans, winning them over with promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?


Liberals are waging an even uglier war against their presumed enemies: everyday Americans like you and me. They’re not even trying to pretend to play fair.

They’ve protested the election. They’ve threatened the Electoral College. They’ve branded conservatives racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic. They rioted during the Inauguration. They’ve lied through their newspapers. They’ve invented rumors about Russian collusion. And they’ve used violent imagery to not-so-subtly encourage dissenters to lash out.

Do you really think we weren’t going to respond?

One of the nastier tactics the left uses to censor and silence conservative voices is through boycotting. When stories emerged claiming that the biggest and most influential conservative newsman, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, had done some naughty things, liberal organization Media Matters targeted advertisers that supported the station.

Despite the fact that O’Reilly was their biggest personality, who was with the station from the beginning, they dumped him so fast it made heads spin.

And they’ve been suffering for it.

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