The Left’s Conveniently Shifting Stance on Foreign Intervention

  • Sam Mire
  • May 18, 2017 1:37PM

When it comes to maintaining political views that fall in line with deeper, uncompromising principles, many on the left have thrown consistency to the wind.

Flip-flopping has become a fact of political life when it comes to degrading the character of the current President.

The hypocrisy which is inalienable from the left’s criticisms of the James Comey firing speaks for itself. He was a politically-motivated saboteur only months ago. He had single-handedly torpedoed Hillary’s election chances, and he had to go.

Now, he is suddenly an indispensable cog in the interminable investigation of the Trump administration's alleged ties to Russia. His firing is just the latest line of countless impeachable offenses perpetrated by Fuhrer Trump.

His firing could not possibly be the result of his long-exposed incompetence, critics say. No, it was his dogged pursuit of Donald Trump’s unquestioned corruption facilitated by Russian hackers which led to his ouster.