Immigration Reform Is Long Overdue


Much like every other issue, immigration has been exploited by corrupt politicians to give themselves an advantage.

You may think that politicians who support open immigration and amnesty are generous, compassionate souls, who just want foreign people to have a chance in “the land of opportunity.” Sorry, nope. These politicians are manipulating your emotions, hoping you’ll get teary-eyed thinking of all those unwashed masses coming over on boats, yearning to be free.

That’s an outdated story from a bygone era. Today, liberal politicians want to use the current, flawed immigration system to import large numbers of low-skilled, uneducated, easily-manipulated bodies into the country. Why? So they’ll have a voter base they can pander to for votes and support.

Once upon a time, politicians had to appeal to the American people for support. Democrats were very good at winning votes from blue collar workers. This was because they actually cared about blue collar workers, the working classes, and the many middle-class Americans who needed a voice in government.

Democrats won these voters because they promised reforms and policies that helped American workers provide unions, better pay, and protections from corrupt business owners.

But if you think that’s still the Democrats’ platform, then you probably watch TV news with rabbit ears.

And you probably wonder why you don’t see Cronkite anymore.

Democrats have found a much easier way to win votes. And that’s by importing large numbers of foreigners. These immigrants are allowed in—legally or illegally. They are desperate for work, so they take low-paying jobs, often at lower-than-livable wages. But that’s okay, they are green-lit for government entitlement programs, like food stamps, Welfare, and cheap housing, which offsets the cost of their crappy jobs.

Because all of those programs are provided by liberals, they can win the support of these masses. Even if many of them cannot even legally vote.

Democrats can even win the support of businesses; large corporations throw cash at these candidates, because they benefit from cheap labor.

Liberals have found a cheap and easy way to win elections. All by ignoring actual Americans.

So what if it robs American workers, some of which are just entering the work force, of good-paying jobs? So what if it helps make the rich richer and poor poorer? So what if a growing population in our country refuses to embrace our culture, language, values, or way of life?

Do you really think huge numbers of uneducated people from South America, Africa, and the Middle East share the progressive views you cherish so much? Many of these countries still treat women as second-class citizens and throw gay people off roofs.

Yet liberals have no problem importing them by the millions, just to win votes.

President Trump, along with two GOP lawmakers, has introduced a massive reform to our immigration system. Immediately it was met by criticism from liberal journalists, who hadn’t even had enough time to go over the legislation.

Stephen Miller, Senior White House Advisor, famously roasted CNN’s Jim Acosta, over his bogus criticisms, before the White House Press Corps. He humiliated the liberal, gotcha journalist, over his shockingly ignorant remarks directed at the proposed reforms. Let’s watch.

It’s fun to watch Miller embarrass this fake news advocate, but let’s think about what Acosta was trying to do. The bill was just announced; so it would take some time, maybe a day or two, before people could properly weigh in on the issue. But almost immediately this CNN pundit wanted to virtue signal by claiming the law was discriminatory.

Now, I don’t know about you, but isn’t the job of the media to report the news? Yet at the press pool, Acosta is clearly positioning himself as a liberal advocate, fighting this law before it even reaches Congress.

Is that his job?

In this day and age yes. Because the mainstream media is no longer honestly reporting the facts, but advocating for the Democrats.

Acosta’s bogus attack proves how deranged and dishonest the liberal agenda is regarding immigration. He was quick to call Trump’s needed reforms racist or discriminatory, based on the idea that only people from Great Britain and Australia speak English.

You see, he wanted you the naïve and ignorant CNN viewer to believe this law only welcomes white people into America. Because Acosta, knowing better, wants you to think only those countries have English-speaking citizens.

While not the native language of every nation, English is a popular language in many parts of the world. And considering it’s the majority language of the United States, shouldn’t it stand to reason that people coming here should speak it?

When my great-grandfather came to the U.S. over a hundred years ago, he made it a priority to learn English. He spent time with Irish immigrants to pick up the language, even though it alienated him from some of his Italian friends. Although it wasn’t a requirement at the time, he was wise enough to know that he should learn the language of the native people.

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