Does Google Care About Your Rights?


TL;DR: No they don’t.

Considering the vast amount of wealth and power the company has gained from compiling your personal data—I don’t think Google prioritizes respecting the freedoms of its customers. Don’t believe me? Please stick around.

The ugly reality is that big companies will try to get away with anything—if it means more money. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be,” would be a good refrain for the powerful corporations that aim to run our country.

Facebook makes billions selling your personal preferences. Apple’s got their fingers in your pocket. And Google is perhaps worst of all. Not only do they see most of our email messages and other data, but they are literally controlling what we can access on the Internet via searches. It’s a scary prospect to consider, that the greatest platform in the history of humanity to preserve freedom—the Internet—is controlled by a gatekeeper called Google.

Worse yet, we voluntarily give them this power.

It’s a known fact that companies like Google can see everything you say and do through their services. It’s just the reality of the technology. Now, considering you’re a lowly, everyday person like me, Google has little reason to abuse this power. But the fact remains, they have an awful lot of access to your personal life.

During an audience Q&A, Snowden [said] that people should "search for encrypted communication services" because they "enforce your rights." He advised the public to be wary of online services that are “hostile to privacy,” specifically Facebook and Google and cloud storage service Dropbox. (Newsweek)

You may never blow the whistle on the NSA, turning the entire U.S. government against you, as Snowden did. But your right to privacy is an important freedom as an American. It means you can say or do what you like, with whomever you like, without the fear that someone—a company or government—is watching you.

Even law-abiding citizens have something to fear, as a corrupt or brutal government can twist innocent things into evil. Would you let a cop sniff around your house for no reason? Who knows what they might find, or claim to find? Do you want the federal government watching your every move, know where and when you go shopping, what movies you watch, or people you talk to? Of course not. But you let Google know.

Our privacy is protected by the 4th Amendment, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

That part about papers and effects? Yeah, that means the stuff you own and use to communicate. That includes, in the modern day, emails, texts, and the Internet. The government can’t rifle through all that (though they try), but considering how buddy-buddy they are with Google, it’s not a big stretch to believe they can get to you if they want to.

But wait, there’s more! Not only does Google get dangerously close to violating your 4th Amendment rights, but they’ve been undermining the First Amendment for a loooong time.

Google, Inc., isn't just the world's biggest purveyor of information; it is also the world's biggest censor.

The company maintains at least nine different blacklists that impact our lives, generally without input or authority from any outside advisory group, industry association or government agency. (US News)

Because of the tremendous power it wields in providing you with search engine results, Google long ago discovered it could control what you see, by blocking results it doesn’t like. This was especially true during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Following allegations that Internet search giant Google is actively censoring search results to benefit Hillary Clinton, a self-described Google insider wrote that company management will not deny the claims to lower-level employees. (Daily Caller)

While people were starting to question Hillary Clinton’s health, they discovered that Google was scrubbing results that addressed it. Now, you might not care, if you’re a Hillary-loving liberal, but be honest: this was a very bad thing.

Regardless of your ideological beliefs, do you really want Google deciding what you can or cannot see on the Internet? This isn’t the 1950’s, when there were only 3 television stations. What you had access to was shockingly limited by a few companies. This is the future! We have access to trillions of pages of content, from billions of bloggers, writers, and commentators. Why should we allow Google to censor any of them?

The issue of censorship has become one of the greatest concerns of our time. In order to preserve freedom of speech, we need to make sure everyone has a right to speak, without hindrance. Yet the powers that be have discovered they can prevent people from hearing from those they don’t like, by blocking their search results. That’s a scary thought.

It seems like Google isn’t satisfied with invading your privacy and limiting your speech though. They also want you to be weak and defenseless.

Google announced plans on Friday to donate $2 million to a violence reduction campaign that includes the nation's leading gun control organizations.

The grant will be given by, an arm of the search giant that provides money and resources to nonprofit organizations, and go to the PICO LIVE FREE Campaign. That campaign focuses on reducing gun violence, especially in minority communities centered in major cities. The new initiative it's creating with the grant will involve gun control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Americans for Responsible Solutions, Guns Down America, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. (Free Beacon)

Not my guns! Oh noes!

Some of you might not understand the importance of the Second Amendment. Let me crack an egg of knowledge on you.

The whole point of the United States is to give the people power over the government. For ages, kings, emperors, and tyrants had abused and exploited their people. They denied them basic rights, taxed them into oblivion, and forced them to fight in endless wars. The founders of the U.S. created a government that prevented one man (or a small group of men) from assuming large amounts of power. Thus, you have states and a three-branch federal government.

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