Do The Rich Help The Poor Without An Agenda?


Ah, class warfare. Is there anything more intrinsic to human society? Probably famine, disease, and actual war. But since the earliest times of human civilization, there has been an ongoing struggle between the haves and the have not's.

Those of you who don't remember anything before the 2000's might not realize how common angst between the rich and the poor is. France was pretty much destroyed thanks to it. Communism took root in the West thanks to the poor working class Bolsheviks overthrowing Russian society (and killing innocent children, something they don't like to mention).

It's a timeless struggle. Those who suffer lack, or perceived lack, will always harbor resentment towards those they believe have it easy. Throughout history we've seen the unwashed masses of poor and working classes reach a breaking point, lashing out against their rich, corrupt oppressors.

But then we have the United States, a country founded by common people. Oh, you may not think those old guys with the wigs were common, but compared to the rich nobility of England and Europe, they were bagmen. The United States was strategically designed to ensure every person was granted equal rights. We've even been through periods of reform to make that a certainty. Unlike many other nations, our society was constructed so that even the lowliest of people could rise up and achieve great things.

I don't have to list the many rags to riches success stories of Americans. The story of Steve Jobs tinkering in his garage, needing his parents to help build his first computers, to eventually leading two major world-changing companies, is a common refrain in this country. Stories like that have inspired countless people to shoot for their dreams believing that in America, with a lot of hard work and sacrifice, you can have it all.

That has not been true for most of human history and, in many nations today, that's still a fantasy. But even in the United States, we have people born with silver spoons in their mouths (meaning they're rich) and people who suffer.

Sadly, that will never go away. But the one thing that can go far in making sure more and more people have the opportunity to enjoy healthy, prosperous lives is to provide every opportunity for them to succeed. Be it education, economic opportunity, or individual rights, in the West, we have ample protections to ensure that even the lowest among us have a chance.

So why does it seem like the rich are depriving other countries of the same opportunity?

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