Culture of Violence? The Left Is out for Blood

Culture of Violence? The Left Is out for Blood

Anyone that was paying attention to social media last Tuesday was most likely subjected to the horrendous sight of Kathy Griffin. Also, she was holding a bloody head.

I, for one, couldn’t get away from it. It seemed like everyone was tweeting the photo. My timelines were full of it. It was so bad, I had to put down my phone!

Putting aside your political leanings, you can’t ignore the shocking similarity between Griffin, holding up a severed head of our president, and the many photos of jihadists holding up the heads of their victims. Oftentimes, the heads of U.S. servicemen.

Regardless of the motives of Kathy and the artist behind it, the shocking photo is a perfect example of one sad reality: the left has gone over the deep end.

Many, many people have commented online, including the president’s son, that had a conservative done the same thing with Obama’s head, they’d be in jail right now. The left is complicit in horrendous depictions of violence and hate. This is nothing new.

In the aftermath of Trump’s election and early days in office, we are seeing a radicalization taking place. Not the radicalization of Muslims into terrorists- that has been going on for decades—but the radicalization of the left.

With Trump taking office and a wave of conservatism sweeping through our nation, liberals are in panic mode. Unwilling to suck up the loss—and let democracy have its way—more and more of them are resorting to the grown-up equivalent of a temper tantrum. Except far more violent.

They seem to be saying, “Screw democracy! We’re going to have our way whether you want it or not!”

Not a huge surprise. The modern left resembles more and more of Lenin’s vision of Socialism than Washington’s vision of Liberty. They seem to believe that their way is the only way. It doesn’t matter if you, or the rest of the country agrees. They are going to force their agenda on the country, democracy be damned.

It’s that kind of thinking that has given rise to the Welfare state, bloated government programs, even soda taxes. Liberals believe you cannot make decisions for yourself, so they are going to make them for you.

Don’t like it? Want to elect someone with a different idea? Then fuck you, they’re going to riot.