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Could Mexico Be The Next Islamic State?

The rampant criminal presence in Mexico has led to corruption on every government level. It stands to reason that for such a vast network of cartels to thrive, law enforcement and officials have to be turning a blind eye. Bribes and threats go a long way.

This creates a unique opportunity for outside forces to gain a foothold in the country. Much like when outside nations take advantage of a country divided by a civil war, agencies around the world are looking to Mexico as a prime center for their operations.

Makes sense. Mexico is in upheaval. Criminal cartels are controlling the government. For the right price, they would gladly work with anybody. Add that to its close proximity to the United States and many Latin American nations- any enterprising international criminal network would thrive.

A network like... ISIS?

There has been an influx of Middle Easterners into Mexico. They have caught Middle Easterners with Mexican names at the border. They change their names, they marry Mexican nationals. They grow roots in Mexico, and help the cartels acquire weapons they couldn’t otherwise get. These individuals are using it as a country to develop and spread the word for terrorism. (IJR)

Yeah, you didn't think it would go this way. But why wouldn't radical, Islamic terrorists look for inroads in Mexico? The country is corrupt. Drug cartels like money (and thrive on chaos). Plus the southern border is known to be weak and porous. Even now there are dumbasses in D.C. fighting the border wall, ensuring that the border will forever be open.

Why wouldn't ISIS and others seek to transform Mexico into the next Islamic State?

That's already happening. Middle Eastern terrorists have been laying roots in Mexico. They change their names, marry natives, and are raising families. They are making good with the cartels by helping them acquire those military-grade weapons.

In a generation or two, there will be an entire Mexican populace of radicalized Muslims, ready to wage war on the U.S. and the world.

Sound crazy? It's already happening.

If people knew what was happening inside of Mexico, they would have called for a border wall and big gate long before now. (IJR)

But what does our liberal media- and the politicians that pull their strings- want us to focus on? Trump is a racist. Building a wall will hurt innocent people. All the while cartels are working with terrorists to gain more territory and kill more people.

You might have been thinking that a border wall was rash. Maybe it sounded like an extreme solution to an almost non-existent problem. But there is a problem, a very real, serious problem. Crime and corruption are rampant in Mexico; we may not even know what the country will look like in ten years.

There may come a time when the biggest state sponsor of radical, Islamic terrorism isn't far away in the Middle East. It might be right on our doorstep.

Doesn't that warrant the most deliberate steps at security?

No, probably not. The liberals are right. Let's keep the door open. We all like Sharia law, right?