Could Mexico Be The Next Islamic State?


The more I learn about the conditions in Mexico, the more I wonder why anyone opposes Donald Trump.

It's clear that the mainstream media and liberals' obsession with opposing the President have little to do with facts and logic. It has everything to do with their ongoing butt-hurt over the election and their overall damaged ego.

When you drill down to the facts on almost every issue, you must agree with Trump's stances.

Sure, you might not like his personality, his boldness, or his politically incorrect style. But when it comes to the issues, liberals' arguments don't hold any water.

Most of what you see online from Trump haters is rarely rooted in facts. Whenever you confront them on issues, they are quick to deflect. Or pull up very tired arguments that are only built around name-calling and insults. Hardly an intelligent dialogue.

It appears that most people who oppose Trump in the public eye only do so because they're reading Huffington Post, CNN, or The New York Times. Garbage in, garbage out.

That's why they keep harping on nonsense like the Russian scandal. They have no other ammunition. But it's gotten to the point where I question their sanity. They've so deluded themselves, they actually believe that Trump and Putin worked together to hack the election. There's just one problem: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.

It's not like there are pictures like this floating around with Trump:

Even after we learn Obama's people were monitoring Trump's campaign, nothing. The left still focuses on that as if it were a real story.

Real issues? They obscure the facts to make Trump look either racist or "xenophobic," a word I'm convinced they don't even understand. When it comes to protecting Americans from the possibility of terrorists flying in through our airports, the left claims he's being racist towards Muslims.

Racist. To Muslims. Let that sink in a bit. Ahem, Islam is not a race. Nor was he targeting Muslims or working to prevent them from entering America. He simply wanted to prevent people coming from countries with known links to terrorism. At least until better vetting systems are put into place.

Keep in mind the worst terror attack in U.S. history happened on airplanes. Taking extra measures to protect air travel makes sense.

But no, Trump's a god damn Muslim racist.

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