Confronting Terrorism: We Need To Start Being Honest


It’s another week, and we have to talk about another terrorist attack. I for one am sick of it. Not because I just want to ignore the reality of what’s going on—as many people seem to do. But because no matter how many people are killed, nothing seems to change.

In the aftermath of 9-11, our government got serious about confronting terrorism. We had several years where it seemed that that threat was being beaten back. But after the appeasement policy of Obama and other liberal world leaders, radical Islamic terror has grown to new heights.

We’re at a point where no place is safe. Every corner of the globe is a potential target. And instead of our governments being honest about the problem, they continue politically correct policies that will mean certain death to innocent civilians.

Time and again conservatives who want to confront the issue, who want to call out the real source of the problem- radical Islam- are branded as racist. A real debate that can lead to change and the eradication of this threat is shut down because liberals deemed it unacceptable.

I’m sorry but how many more kids need to die before we start making changes? How many more children need to be torn to shreds before the limp-wristed, weak-willed, politically correct cowards of Europe and the United States actually nut up and do their job?

This problem isn’t going away. And unless we work to root out Islamic extremism from our countries, we won’t have countries to defend.

Not only are conservatives branded racist for wanting to end terrorism, but they are also treated like criminals for saying the “wrong” things. It’s almost as if liberals want terrorists killing our families.

Host Tucker Carlson opened the segment by stating that while authorities are investigating the incident, “it’s not their only priority tonight. They’re also keeping an eye out for crimethink on the internet.”

“Those are unapproved thoughts that people might express, including those from Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins…”

As The Guardian reports, Hopkins’ tweets wound up being reported to police, who confirmed they were reviewing and assessing them. (Milo)

Here is one of those evil tweets, for those curious:

So, a loser can blow himself up, killing over 20 children and injuring many more, but the cops are going to investigate a tweet from a journalist? A person who is understandably upset about a horrendous terrorist attack, who is calling for her people to actually act, is considered the real criminal.

Compare that to the idiotic things liberals are saying in response to yet another terrorist attack.

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