Common Sense Is The Enemy Of The Left

Common Sense Is The Enemy Of The Left

We were all raised with a certain measure of basic common sense. Well, maybe not all of us. I can’t vouch for everyone.

But most of us were taught those conventional nuggets of wisdom that are supposed to lay the groundwork for our future education.

Such things as look both ways before crossing the street, say “Please” and “Thank you,” and don’t take candy from strangers.

These were by no means groundbreaking words of wisdom, but obvious advice that helped us get to where we are today. They provided a foundation upon which we could build that higher knowledge that helps us succeed in an increasingly complicated and challenging world.

And by “foundation” I mean, they kept us alive.

Rejecting basic tenets of common sense would set someone up for disastrous failure. Imagine a child who refused to share. They would grow up to be horrible, spoiled brats. People would not want to associate with such a selfish person. Their relationships and careers would irreparably suffer.

Or imagine someone who was never taught to respect their elders. They would grow up with a fundamental inability to respect authority. Not only would that make it impossible for them to find a job, but they would never be trusted with real responsibility. Because if you cannot obey someone, nobody’s going to obey you.

Sadly, in our society, we often see people who cannot even grasp these basic rules for success and growth. There are many people who don’t respect their elders. Who don’t share. Who don’t even look both ways before crossing the street.

And while we, the collectively successful of society, shake our heads, “tsking” at the failures of such spectacles, we are blind to the forces that are trying to intentionally undermine this foundation of common sense.

They may masquerade as liberals or progressives. Most often they are, but they use the platform of liberalism to promote ideas that simply do not work. They are willing to undo long-held notions about life in order to protect their fragile egos—or to create a platform that will make them rich and famous.

One such nugget of common sense has been “Eat right and stay active.” For some, staying active means to exercise regularly. For others, it means to play a sport, go out for walks, or generally get moving (some like this thing called Zumba). We were raised to eat a balanced diet, including our vegetables, and to only have fattening foods on rare occasions.

This is pretty fundamental stuff. Yet our modern society is plagued with the overweight. It’s obvious something basic has been lost. So it stands to reason that we need to reaffirm those wholesome, common values of eating right and staying fit.

Unless of course, you’re a fat acceptance hack.