Canadian Conservatives Laugh At Cabinet Minister’s Former Job

  • Kristina Evans
  • Feb 19, 2017 10:28AM

This week in the Canadian Parliament, a federal cabinet minister was laughed at in the House of Commons for his former working class job. Amarjeet Sohi, the minister of infrastructure and Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) for the Edmonton Mill Woods district, rose in the House on Tuesday to speak about transportation. He began his speech by acknowledging that, as a former transit driver, he was shocked and saddened to learn of the stabbing death of a Winnipeg bus driver earlier that day.

“Mr. Speaker, as a former bus driver,” Sohi began. Immediately, sharp, loud laughter can be heard coming from the opposition benches. It visibly upset other ministers and parliamentary secretaries. In the video recordings of the government session, a man can be heard asking, “What’s the matter with that?”

Indeed, what is the matter with that? As a politician who must deal with the public, it’s actually rather refreshing to learn someone in charge of transit projects not only worked in transit, but interacted with the public on a daily basis. I am not, of course, implying that Canadians should elect inexperienced, lying businessmen to their government, but to laugh at a working class man is incredibly elitist of these Conservatives. I’m glad to know they’re the opposition party in Canada, and not the actual governing party, because they obviously disrespect a job that many Canadians proudly hold.