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BLM Toronto, Stop Undermining Those Fighting For Real Change

  • Kristina Evans
  • Feb 8, 2017 1:10PM

Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLM TO) once again overshadowed a worthy cause with their lack of control and ridiculousness. This past weekend, Anti-Islamophobia rallies took place all over the world to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslim majority countries. But in what is now an unfortunate pattern, statements from BLM TO and their leaders eclipsed any of the necessary discussion on white supremacy, religious persecution or the issues with Trump’s executive orders.

A large crowd peacefully marched down University Avenue before heading to Yonge-Dundas Square, with numerous speakers addressing the crowds emphasizing the importance of standing up to discrimination and hatred. But it’s the video of BLM TO co-founder, Yusra Khogali, that’s been going viral.


Is this girl fucking serious? What the hell is she smoking? Alright, Khogali condemning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for tweeting about Canadian acceptance of refugees with no follow-through could be a good talking point. He claimed that Canada would accept refugees regardless of faith, and his timing implied that those banned from the US thanks to Trump’s ban would be included in that. But after a few days, Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that Canada would not be increasing the number of refugees it planned on accepting. That’s a justifiable reason to be upset, and one could even argue Trudeau’s tweet was just lip service. But calling Trudeau a “white supremacist terrorist” may be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard. What world is Khogali living in?