Blame The Media For Charlottesville


I have a hypothetical for you. Suppose you were walking down the street, minding your own business. Someone comes up to you and attacks you. They punch you, knock you to the ground, and hit you with a bat or some other object.

You’d consider their actions wrong, right? But why? What if this person claimed they had a good reason to attack you? What if they claimed you were a bad person?

You never hurt anyone. You never advocated the harm of anyone. You don’t even know the person attacking you. Yet they claim their actions were just—violence against a stranger—because there’s something about you they don’t like.

Few people in their right minds would agree with your attacker. They’d say that violence against a stranger is never justified. Despite your disagreements or differences, violence is stupid, ugly, disgusting, and ultimately un-American.

Yet in our day and age there is a rising sentiment among many that violence is justified—if their target holds views they disagree with. That if you are convinced that a person is vile and terrible, you have the right to deny them their basic rights, attack them, and beat them within an inch of their lives.

Sounds unconscionable, right? Who cares if someone disagrees with you? Freedom of speech and freedom of expression means that people can have different opinions and still get along.

But thanks to a shockingly irresponsible media, dead set on undermining the President of the United States, there is a cadre of Americans who believe anyone not liberal is a Nazi. And it’s okay to punch a Nazi.

The outbreak of violence in Charlottesville, VA this weekend was shocking and disgusting. I’d say it was one of the worst things I’d ever seen in my life, but I lived through 9-11. To see violence erupt over political differences is stupid, self-defeating, and patently un-American. 

I largely wanted to avoid writing about it. To me, it was a situation where one radical group fought another radical group. Two sides that represent ugly, divisive, disgusting ideas that do not represent Americans—or even most of the people on the political spectrum.

Yet the irresponsible coverage of this event by the fake news industrial complex highlights an ongoing problem in our society. It exposes the real cause of such outbreaks of violence. Should more instances like Charlottesville occur, it will be entirely the media’s fault.

A New Age of Violence

It’s really telling that all the large scale acts of crime in 2017 in America were not perpetrated by radical, Islamic terrorists, but by leftists. I’ll refrain from saying “liberals” because I believe most liberals with a conscious wouldn’t take up arms against fellow Americans (though some of them might approve of it). From the disruptions at the Inauguration that led to 200 arrests, to the Berkeley riots (both times), to violence against peaceful Trump-supporting marches, to this weekend’s violence, left-wing extremists have made it their goal to attack anyone that refuses to agree with their narrow politics.

And that extends to any American that supports Trump or simply does not consider themselves liberal.

These left-wing extremists are by and large young Americans. Many of them are well-meaning people (though plenty are clearly deranged). Yet they have been whipped up into a frenzy because they believe our President—and his supporters—are racist “Nazis.” Based on what? All the efforts by Trump to kill Jews or minorities? No, that hasn’t happened. All the attempts by conservatives to outlaw free speech and other basic rights? That hasn’t happened either.

The narrative that Trump and his supporters are Nazi’s and racists has been propagated by liberal outlets, including online sites like Buzzfeed, Salon, and HuffPo. These Commie rags posing as news sites are simply the PR arm of the radical left.  They don’t deal in facts or evidence, but rumor, hysteria, and opinion. Because they are linked up with larger, established media enterprises, their toxic rhetoric is spread to a wide audience (case in point: when Buzzfeed published the de-bunked dossier about Trump, which was then broadcast by CNN).

These irresponsible media outlets—be they online or TV—have spread rumors, lies, and conspiracy—all to push a false narrative about people they don’t like. Namely political rivals like Trump and his supporters (i.e.: millions of Americans).

This has led to a boiling over effect, where many well-meaning, albeit naïve and dangerous people, believe the idea that Trump is going to march gays, minorities, and Muslims into death camps. Or similar, idiotic notions.

Now radical activists groups like Antifa, BAMN, and Black Lives Matter, organizations built around political violence, have the justification to violently confront anyone they don’t like. With the excuse that their enemies are bad people, it’s justifiable to attack them.

But even if the person you don’t like is a bona fide racist, violence is not justifiable.

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