Being An Outspoken Trump Supporter Can Get You Hurt


It was a few months before the 2016 Presidential Election. Excitement, as well as tensions, were high. The news was full of arguments over the respective candidates. So-called experts were making their predictions.

Most of which turned out to be wrong.

I was living in a small town in Florida. I was in the panhandle, a decidedly conservative stretch of the state. You’ll find more Trump and MAGA bumper stickers than you would “I’m With Her” or “Feel the Bern.”

Yet even in this patriotic part of the country, I felt weird broadcasting my support for Donald Trump.

I had recently received my “Can’t Stump Trump” t-shirt from Swag by Milo. It was an incredibly soft, well-made garment. I put it on proudly and went about my day. Then I mistakenly drove to Wal-Mart.

The looks I got from certain shoppers was noticeable. Even in a conservative town, in a conservative part of the state, there were people giving me the stink eye. Nobody lashed out at me, or said anything, except for another man who complimented the shirt.

Although I left the store without encountering a problem, it was obvious my clothing garnered a lot of attention. People immediately looked at me and treated me differently, because I announced my support for a presidential candidate.

Imagine the reactions from people in larger cities, perhaps in cities where the people are known to get in your face?

It’s obvious that the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has put people in two very different camps. And, as in most elections, there are people who resent his victory and are bitter over their defeat.

The amount of hatred being generated by anti-Trumpers is something we’ve never seen before. The level of ferocity and venom coming from opponents of the President borders on hysteria—in many cases it crosses that line.

But why?

I can say that no matter what, liberals get butt hurt when their side loses. While conservatives are required to just suck it up and get with the times, liberals are allowed to throw tantrums like that spoiled sibling of yours. The rest of the family has to behave, but little Johnny always gets his way. For some reason, he’s allowed to put up a fuss, scream, and cry, while everyone else has to bear it.

Democrats are still bitching about the 2000 election. They still talk about the controversy in Florida, dimpled chads, and even claim Bush didn’t deserve to win. Their irrational and impotent bitterness over a 17-year old election is excused or ignored.

Yet when some conservatives bitched over Obama’s win—taking issue over his alleged birthplace—they were branded as crackpots and loons. The media and many others gave them no quarter. We were all supposed to just accept the results of the election—like rational adults. Anyone who questioned it, or complained, were rightfully branded as idiots.

But once again, now that Democrats are on the losing side, they are allowed to complain, protest, post violent imagery online, and even riot over the results of a free and open election.

They rumor-monger and make the most ridiculous of accusations, simply because they refuse to accept that they lost.

This has resulted in reasonable, intelligent people acting like psychopaths. I’m not exaggerating when I used that word. Liberals today, particularly young ones, are acting crazy. How else can you explain the following story?

Jovanni Valle, 26, suffered a broken nose and a laceration on his cheek requiring 15 stitches after being hit with a broken glass bottle over his head July 7 at a Bulgarian bar called Mehanata on the Lower East Side at 3:30 a.m., the New York Post reported. (Breitbart)

Why did two of the other patrons attack this man? Because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

He said he was dancing when his Trump hat fell off and a female bar patron “repeatedly” stomped on it.

“That’s enough, what are you doing?” Valle asked the woman.

“I hate this hat, I hate you,” the woman responded.

Wow. The woman’s boyfriend joined her in attacking Jovi Val, hitting him from behind. The attack left a massive scar on the man’s face. A surgeon who inspected his wounds noted severe fracturing of his nose and a serious blood clot under his cheek that needed to be drained. The surgeries needed to fix his face would add up to tens of thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of dollars.

All because he wore a MAGA hat?

Think about what that woman did. When he dropped the hat, she stomped on it repeatedly. When he confronted her, she shouted, “I hate this hat, I hate you.”

Never have we seen this level of hate, all because of a campaign hat.

To many Americans, “Make American Great Again” is an inspiring slogan. It has transcended Donald Trump and his administration and has come to represent standing up for the values and beliefs that make America unique and doing our part in seeing our country thrive.

So why hate it? Because liberals have been indoctrinated by toxic politicians and an irresponsible, dishonest media. They have spread lies throughout the campaign, up until today, claiming that Donald Trump and his vision for this country would bring disaster and ruin.

Not once did the media look at his campaign goals honestly. Not once were they willing to look at his plans for our national security and economy objectively. Instead, they sowed fear that he’d round up Muslims, gays, and Mexicans and ship them off to prison camps. That he’d reverse the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. Or that he’d enslave all women, denying them their basic rights.

I knew of grandmas who were panicking, believing that—although they are citizens and have lived here for decades—would be sent back to their homeland in the East once Trump won.

Was all this based on facts or evidence? Of course not. It was based on blatant lies and sinister manipulation by the left.

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