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  • Mac Slavo (
  • Oct 14, 2016 11:50AM

Less than a month to go before the election, the revelations are piling up.

Bombshell after bombshell has come out from the latest round of Wikileaks documents about Hillary.

What the GOP could get from testimony and official investigative vetting of the former Secretary of State has been produced by the robin hoods of the digital age.

Despite clear evidence that the future Madam President has colluded with unsavory foreign leaders, traded access for cash and engaged in an enterprising empire of cronyism in toppling countries and exchanging no-bid contracts to manage the messes made all across the globe… and obviously much, much more… despite all this, Hillary remains closer than ever to the coveted White House, the prime lobbyist-in-chief office for the military industrial complex and various other related tentacles of the establishment.

Among other scandals that have been summarily dismissed by the military comes a document showing clearly that Hillary Clinton and her staff literally discussed the blowback of a system that willingly produced a population of unaware, trendy people now gripped by social media.

The Trump phenomenon – of an unstoppable celebrity entertainment figure assuming the mold of actual leader – is quite dangerous indeed, and something that the Clinton campaign must account for:

“As I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.

The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly.”

Not only does this pile into the basket of deplorables, basement dwellers and right wing conspirators that she has herself created, but it defines the true context of the question we have all been asking ourselves – how did things ever get so debased in American politics; how did things go so wrong?

There are many pieces to that puzzle, but the pied-piper media is a major component, and Hillary has long positioned herself as an undisputed ringmaster of media manipulation. That her trail of scandals could surface, but remain unable to sink her campaign is testament to her formidable power leading into 2016.

via Paul Joseph Watson:

The real politik assessment of the dulled, drugged and dumbed-down American voter pool is cynical, but not without merit.

And it also comes as confirmation to all those who see the lies and deceptions on a daily basis – that politicians do see themselves as herding a population of sheep.

Now, the Clinton campaign has actually spoken in those terms. Hillary literally hates the “everyday Americans,” the rednecks and the bitter clingers. But she hates all the rest of them too, an excuse to detach from every needs from ordinary people, and convince herself that she is entitled to rule over everyone, to seize power and to use deception as a necessary means to that end.

The Internet and social media continue to present myriad challenges to the establishment, who are seeking to contain the genie that they have let out of the bottle.

The information warfare culture cuts in all directions, and can rise and fall the politics of the 21st Century – even for puppets in power.

That is clearly why the mainstream media – more cozy in bed with Hillary than Bill ever could be – refuses to say a word about the continuing revelations of corruption – both in the voting process, and in the offices and positions held by Hillary Clinton.

These scandals would have wrecked any other candidate decades ago. Instead, today Hillary is shielding herself behind a ‘He is worse’ campaign that is using savvy and dangerous intimacy with TNT to wield Donald Trump against GOP and DNC rivals, and against the informed voters of this country in general.

But With the Internet, the “Unaware” Become ‘Politically Conscious and Interactive’