You Haven't Been Paying Attention PART 4 (via Gradieus)

We told you we'd keep you updated, and here it is- the latest and final installment in the series of Presidential predictions by the heavily trending Gradieus. 


I was also asked to make a "Day 3" Trump prediction so for the final time here's an easy one: Trump will not put Hillary in jail.

I always find it funny when Trump defeats an opponent, and everyone waits with baited breath for him to continue saying 'Little Marco,' 'Lyin' Ted,' or 'Crooked Hillary,' as if his nickname attacks were derived from real anger towards his opponents. They're not of course.

Trump told his supporters they'd grow tired of winning, and perhaps he was right. For in that moment in time when Trump wins there is no longer a voice to lead one's efforts against the enemy, and make no mistake, his opponents felt like true enemies to the American Dream. And after everything they've gone through, in that moment of reflection, even the die-hard Trump supporters begin to feel sad for his opponents... just a little bit. If nothing else, this election we've learned that Trump is a gracious victor, and his supporters love a good comeback story.

When 'Little Marco' Rubio went after Trump's hands, Trump could have ended his career. He did not. Instead, he asked Rubio to run for re-election in the senate. Rubio was reluctant at first but eventually agreed. He won and is currently known by Trump supporters as Manly Marco.

When 'Lyin'' Ted Cruz didn't endorse Trump at the RNC, Trump could have ended his career. He did not. Instead, Trump backed Cruz's campaign in a failed attempt to prevent Obama from giving away the rights of Internet Domain to the UN. Cruz is currently known by Trump supporters as Complyin' Ted.

When '1 in 50' John Kasich wrote in John McCain as his general election vote, Trump could have ended his career. He did not. Kasich remains governor of Ohio for the next two years and Trump will push him over the top in the senate race of 2018 should he choose to run. Since Kasich has yet to benefit Trump he is simply known as Pancakes...

And why should he ruin their careers? He still has a use for Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, and everyone else that lambasted him over the past year and a half. Same goes for Hillary. Whether she remains in politics or not is irrelevant; riling up her political connections doesn't benefit a Trump presidency. Arresting Hillary would only serve to self-gratify the victors at a cost to Trump's current strategic stranglehold, and he has long since learned there's always bigger game around the corner. It's the same reason why he left the comfort of his father's Brooklyn and Queen real estate for the big city lights of Manhattan.


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