Will The FBI Have A Vote In This Election?

Just when it looked like the election might be heading in Hillary’s direction, the universe sent her a pretty big sign not to get too comfortable just yet. Well, maybe not the universe- but certainly the FBI.

With Trump firmly on the defensive for the last little while, things had been going pretty well for Clinton and the Democrats, with polling numbers showing them allegedly making serious ground in some pretty surprising places. 

What’s that expression though? “Quiet… too quiet…”

Although we thought we’d heard the last of the Clinton email scandal, it seems that FBI Director James Comey had other ideas.

In a now infamous (or famous, depending on your political leanings) letter to Congress, Comey announced that new emails considered relevant to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server were discovered on the computer of disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner and Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

However, that’s about all that’s been said. Even after almost a week, no one seems to have any clear idea what information is contained in the reportedly 650,000 emails being reviewed by the FBI- including Comey himself. 

This strangely timed revelation has lead to a rare moment of agreement even amongst Democrats and Republicans- they want more information.

"Without additional context, your disclosure is not fair to Congress, the American people, or Secretary Clinton," wrote Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley on Monday in a letter to Comey.  

"In the absence of additional, authoritative information from the FBI in the wake of your vague disclosure, Congress and the American people are left to sift through anonymous leaks from Justice Department officials to the press of varying levels of detail, reliability, and consistency. The American people deserve better than that."

Although it should come as no surprise that the news of renewed interest in Clinton’s emails has affected her campaign, what is surprising is just how much it seems to have narrowed the gap in the polls between her and Donald Trump over the past few days.

The timing seems “very convenient,” shall we say, for the Trump campaign that only too recently looked as if it might be in its death throes.

But it gets better.

According to news outlets such as CNBC, Comey took a completely different approach to the popular allegations concerning Russian interference in the U.S. election.

A former FBI official has said that Comey argued election timing concerns as his reasoning behind leaving the bureau off of a statement released on Oct. 7 about Russian involvement in election meddling, although he privately agreed that “a foreign power was trying to undermine the election.”

It’s a double-standard that quite frankly makes no sense- though it seems to be working for Donald Trump, who recently called the revelation “bigger than Watergate.” 

To add insult to injury, it looks as though any attempt by the Democrats to play offense on this issue is falling on deaf ears at the FBI, which still has not publicly disclosed whether it will be releasing any information regarding ties between Trump/his aides and Russia- or even whether such an investigation exists.

It’s also unlikely that anything (even more information) will be available before election day next week.

Whatever the outcome, I think it’s safe to say one thing- not cool Comey, not cool.









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