Not My President? What's Really Behind the Backlash

Almost immediately after Trump was announced the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election, we got word that people were taking to the streets.

In cities around America, mostly young people with nothing better to do, screamed, waved cardboard, and complained about a fair and open election.  Apparently, all their safe spaces didn't prepare them for the harsh realities of when things don't turn out the way they wanted.

Welcome to the real world kiddies.

But while the media wanted us to believe this was an organic result of a vast group of Americans shocked by Trump's win, we know it was manufactured by a small group. released the following press release Wednesday afternoon:

Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results

Hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. (via Breitbart)

MoveOn, a group funded by radical liberal elitists like George Soros, helped orchestrate these "peaceful" protests. They claimed it was to take a stand against the hate that Donald Trump would undoubtedly spread in his future presidency.

The only hate we've seen coming out of this election has been from these liberal groups. Many of these demonstrations have devolved into chaos and violence, as paid protesters bring havoc to these predominantly liberal cities.

Violent anti-Trump protests and riots broke out in several West Coast cities and on California campuses as news of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election spread.

Students at the University of California Los Angeles rioted in the streets of Westwood, Los Angeles, declaring: “Not my president!” (via Breitbart)

Vandalism, beatings, and the burning of private property have all been reported in cities across the country.  Apparently, it's wrong for the President-Elect to be "racist" and "hateful," but it's fine for his opponents to be.

But what's the end goal of all this mayhem? Do they think they can go back in time and change the election results? Do they really think they can interfere with a free and open election, undermining over 200 years of American elections?

Despite the rumors, these protests and riots cannot change the outcome of the election. Donald Trump won, plain and simple. For the next four years, we will enjoy conservative leadership in the White House and Congress.  Radical liberal policies will be overturned, conservative judges will be put into the Supreme Court, and America will regain some of the strength it once had.

The liberal elites that once pulled our government's strings are rapidly losing ground. They thought they had this election in the bag, with Hillary Clinton as their future puppet. With her in the White House, their monopoly on power- between the government, media, and corporations- would have stayed secure.

Now all of that is dissolving, as even their media empires erode against the tide of alternative news.

With little recourse left, the liberal elite has resorted to the one thing they know best: chaos.

They know they cannot change what's happened. They know the American people have spoken and they cannot outright subvert a fair election. So they have vowed to punish all of us who voted for Trump.

Suddenly we are hearing more users of social media calling for the death of white people, calling Trump supporters racist and sexist, and branded millions of Americans as "alt-right," an effort to marginalize everyone that voted.

This existed before the election, sure, but now it is a rallying cry. Along with the protests, random beatings, and violence from Portland to Chicago, this is a movement by liberals to try and make us regret our choice.

Why do you think there are Craigslist ads for paid protesters?  If this were an organic outflow of upset Americans, they wouldn't have to pay people to block traffic, face off with police, and harass regular Americans.

The left doesn't believe in democracy. If they did, they would have accepted the result of the election and moved on with their lives. But this backlash is a sad and pathetic rebuke to everyone that refused to follow their lead. Americans rejected the toxic rhetoric of Hillary Clinton- and by extension, Obama and the DNC- and now must pay the price. A pretty vile attitude, if you ask me.

 In America, we are free to express our opinions, to vote according to our conscience, and to pursue our dreams. But the leftists are so determined to hold onto their power that they're willing to erode every last freedom to do so.  Even if that means violence and oppression.

What does that sound like to you?

Rape Victim to Be Flogged Under Islamic Law

More and more we are seeing the left reflect the values and motives of radical Islamic and totalitarian regimes.  Not because the ideals of the Democratic Party (like equality for all) are inherently evil, but because long ago they gave up these lofty goals in exchange for power. Probably around the time they selected a rapist to be the President.

But this public outcry against Americans will accomplish nothing. Already we are seeing them run out of steam, as they are forced to fake hate crimes to bash Trump.

Two Williams College students are now facing disciplinary action after hoaxing vandalism which appeared to be Ku Klux Klan (KKK) inspired days after the 2016 Election...

Williams College President Adam Falk said in a statement that the two students admitted “they had committed the vandalism to bring attention to the effects of the presidential election on many within our community.”

“Their actions did much more than damage property,” Falk continued. “They harmed our entire community and caused considerable fear, among students in particular.” (via Breitbart)

In Louisiana, a Muslim girl lied about being attacked by Trump supporters and now faces charges. In Ohio, a student lied to police about being attacked by rock-throwing Trump supporters. In both cases, these people face repercussions for their hoaxes.

More stories are coming in about alleged attacks at the hands of Trump supporters, only to be proven false. Apparently, the left never heard of the boy who cried wolf. In time people will simply ignore your outbursts, even if they eventually prove to be true.

This kind of behavior is the last gasp of a dying party. Instead of acknowledging that they need to reform, removing the corruption that is rampant within their party, they are doubling down on the violence and hate.

Who knows what will be left of the Democrats four years from now?

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