Milo in Full Effect: This Is How You Take down Social Justice Warriors

Being that I'm an old, decrepit man of 32, I don't really know what is going on right now on college campuses around America. So you could color me surprised when I learned they've become a breeding ground for radical, ill-informed, liberal activists, collectively known as "social justice warriors."

Colleges, once the high point for education and excellence, have long been ridiculed for being glorified nurseries. Just look back forty years, at the seminal work that was Animal House. Even in the 70's the general attitude was that college was just a great, big party.

For decades we were told ("we" as in the rest of society outside of college, as well as those of us soon to go there) that colleges were where young adults were supposed to be reckless, have fun, and shirk their responsibilities. This, despite the fact that college was supposed to do the exact opposite: prepare us for the real world by giving us an education. That education was supposed to be critical in securing us a job or viable career in a dog-eat-dog world.

But that notion went out the door long ago.

Ignoring the fact that it is our childhood when we're supposed to be void of responsibilities, colleges have nurtured this lazy, uninspired, directionless group of people. As in every case where a lack of discipline festers, this has opened the door for a radical, militant, controlling ideology aimed at gobbling up these empty-headed students.

In much the same way radical Islam is so popular among American child who were raised without strict discipline, the poison of "social justice" has taken over our colleges. Young minds have been warped to believe in the regressive left's foolish notions that white men are the bane of existence, that third-wave feminism and Black Lives Matter are the answers to a toxic society.

It's gotten so bad that outspoken conservatives, bloggers, and traditional feminist voices have come out to combat this tide of ideological poison. In the last year, we've learned about conservative student groups inviting these speakers to their schools in an effort to provide a much needed dissenting voice among the cacophony of teachers, leaders, and faculty that have trumpeted the nonsense of social justice.

They've been met with the kind of resistance that you'd expect.

Milo Yiannopoulos, of whom I spoken of before, is on the forefront of this radical, conservative movement. Branding himself the "dangerous faggot," he has been touring college campuses this year, confronting the evils of social justice warriors, feminism, and radical groups like Black Lives Matter. His commons sense ideas, blanketed in his trademark brash and style, have drawn virulent and violent opposition from the left.

It's well documented online. Even Shariah compliant Twitter banned Milo from their dying network. The first half of his tour was plagued by protestors, disruptors, even people who stormed the stage, threatening Milo and other guests.

But truth always prevails and as Milo continues his tour, packing in auditoriums across the country (mirroring his champion Donald Trump), the regressive left seems to be losing steam. When once SJW's would scream and disrupt his speeches, they are now forced to sit through them, waiting in line, and respectfully asking the man questions.

In a recent speech at Western Carolina University, a black feminist student asked Milo some pointed questions. She addressed his stance on feminism and alluded to the usual SJW nonsense, that white men are evil and America should be punished for all its many sins.

Tonight, at Western Carolina University, a black feminist NAACP chapter president questioned MILO about the origins of third wave feminism and the mistreatment of the black race.

During your entire presentation I noticed that you failed to mention that feminism is the belief that men and women are equal.”

She continued:

“So do you not think this, and then also I noticed when you were talking about America’s values and about how great America is you failed to mention our nation was built on the power of white men without the acknowledgement of black people, the Indians, women at least. So do you not think men and women are equal? Do you not acknowledge the problems we have here in America that does, in fact, not make America great?” (via Breitbart)

The clip of his response is well worth a watch. But before we get to his wonderfully intelligent answer, notice how the young student behaved.

Although I disagree with her loaded assertions, she should be applauded for not going the route of her fellow SJW's, who have caused harm, made threats, and disrupted Milo's events.

But it's not just because this young lady is civilized, it's because the left is being tamed by Milo. Their bully tactics have failed to work, so they must play by Milo's rules. When a child is worn out after a temper tantrum, they are compelled to articulate themselves properly.

All that has been Milo's doing. By not backing down to their rage, he is showing these children the moral high ground. This is what grownups do: they share their thoughts in an open forum, showing respect and intelligence.

This is a victory for Milo and every other conservative on campus. They have endured the misguided wrath of the regressive left for some time. But they've won. Now whatever is left of the SJW's need to learn that to be taken seriously, they've got to act mature.

But how did Milo respond to this young woman's questions? He did what we all need to do: use the facts, be bold, and do not apologize for your beliefs.

He started with explaining that feminism does not believe that men and women are equal. If that were the case, millions of women would not be abandoning the movement. He quoted stats from the UK, where only 9% of women consider themselves feminists, while over 90% agreed that men and women were equal.

If feminism really promotes equality between the sexes, then far more women would be proud to call themselves feminists. Yet instead they are leaving the movement because of it's agenda to destroy men and alienate the sexes.

The numbers in the US are similar.

When addressing her second question, Milo asserted the need for improvements to education in black communities. He said that poor black children, who are smart, deserve to go to better schools. He reminded the audience that it was Bill Clinton who signed the disastrous crime law that took black fathers from their families and made black families dependant on the government.

He ended by saying that if black Americans want a better life, they need to start voting Republican.

This is how you answer social justice warriors. It's not easy. You have to endure their illogical, overemotional rants, their childish behavior, and frequent trips on the low road. Then when they've run out of energy, you can boldly, yet respectfully, use the facts to disprove their idiotic ideals.

Truth will always win out over lies. We must never forget that.

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