Manafort Wiretap: Was Trump Right All Along?

Once again, the liberal mainstream media has been forced to eat crow. Reports from Newsmax and even the dreaded CNN indicate that the U.S. government wiretapped Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman. Of course, many people are now questioning the legitimacy of the evidence, but should we the people really expect anything different? After all, God forbid that President Trump was actually correct months ago when he asserted that he was wiretapped during the 2016 election!

According to CNN’s unnamed sources, it appears as though the wiretapping was done to keep tabs on President Trump, especially since the aforementioned surveillance was ongoing even throughout the beginning of this year. Apparently, the FBI terminated the wiretapping at some point last year, yet restarted it in early 2017 during the Russia investigation, which is very interesting, to say the least.

The wiretapping of Manafort simply gives further credence to the theory that Russian interference in last year’s election is nothing more than a hoax. The media and so-called investigators have looked into the possibility of Russian hacks for months and for all their examinations and wiretapping, they’ve still come up empty-handed. Wise people are able to recognize a nothingburger when it continuously proves itself as such. The United States government would do well to remember this.

As noted by CNN, investigators discovered supposed communications between Manafort and so-called Russian operatives in 2016, yet so far, nothing has come from these findings. This entire Manafort wiretapping situation appears as just another ploy to further baseless conspiracy theories about Russia. In addition to wiretapping Manafort, the FBI also ransacked his storage space. CNN claims that findings are unknown, which essentially translates to “we found zilch.” If the FBI had uncovered a shred of damning evidence against Manafort, President Trump, or anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign, it would be national news. Shame on the FBI for wasting their time and resources on investigating an innocent man, and beating a very dead horse.

Moreover, the discovery of Manafort’s wiretapping merely opens the door to additional questions. How many more people has the FBI secretly wiretapped? Are members of the Trump administration currently under surveillance as we speak? Just how deep does the rabbit hole go and how pathetically desperate is the FBI to unveil evidence of a conspiracy theory which clearly doesn’t exist? Nobody really knows, and that may be one of the scariest things of all at such a time as this.

In light of these revelations, many Americans are wondering whether or not dialogue from President Trump was intercepted during the times in which Manafort was wiretapped. So far, the answer to this inquiry is unknown. There are many facets to this story, and more likely than not, all of them are not being reported. More developments are likely to arise within the upcoming weeks.

Contrasting with the FBI’s assertions, Manafort has controverted claims of willful contract with Russian operatives, as noted by Newsmax. Many people may argue that Manafort would make this statement whether he communicated with Russian officials or not. After all, how many people would willingly admit to what could be perceived as guilt of collusion? However, before assuming Manafort to be guilty, it is paramount for Americans to consider the source of the accusation.

Quite frankly, the FBI does not have the most favorable track record when it comes to uncovering crimes committed by government officials. This was especially evidenced during Hillary Clinton’s reign of corruption, dirty dealings, and pay-to-play. People who committed a fraction of her crimes have had the course of their lives altered forever, yet the FBI allowed Clinton to skate by; former FBI Director James Comey even began drafting exoneration papers prior to the conclusion of her investigation. All things considered, we the people need a LOT more proof of Manafort’s guilt before taking it seriously. Assertions from the FBI are simply not enough.

As the American people assess the latest news about the surveillance of Manafort, mindfulness of the bigger picture is critical. First and foremost, the news about Manafort supposedly communicating with Russian operatives is merely another media ploy to attack Trump associates all for the sake of furthering this baseless Russia conspiracy theory. The deep state has repeatedly targeted President Trump and the people surrounding him. They will go to nearly any lengths to brand a question mark on his Presidency.

The deep state went after President Trump and accused him of Russia collusion. When that fell through, they went after the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. Both of these men testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee and yet not a shred of evidence against them was found. Paul Manafort is simply the latest target, and this story is likely to turn out as yet another nothingburger.

If the government is willing to wiretap the President’s campaign chairman, who won’t they wiretap? The truth of the matter is that governmental deep state operatives have been after Donald Trump from the start. They never wanted him to run, they especially didn’t want him to win, and now that he rightfully secured the Oval Office, they are exhausting every effort to take him down. Wiretapping Paul Manafort is merely a means to an end.

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