I Can See Russia From My Inbox! Malicious Hack Or Careless Leak?

Does anyone else smell a rat over this Russian hacking fiasco? During the campaign, when shocking revelations were being made about Hillary and her team's behavior, they seemed unwilling to answer to any of it.

The best they could do was to fabricate a story that Russian operatives stole those emails in an effort to sway the election. Hillary even made a claim- during the debates- that Trump was behind it, calling Trump a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was a clear and pathetic attempt at distracting the public from the real issue: the content of those emails. The mainstream media- who was quick to fall in step behind their beloved Hillary- pushed the narrative her team created, rather than doing their jobs and investigating the emails. They seemed all too eager to believe whatever she said, despite all evidence and logic proving otherwise.

It has been a toxic and bizarre tactic we've seen throughout the election and its aftermath: the left blaming Trump supporters for the very things they're guilty of.

I've heard people criticize Trump supporters for ignoring his flaws and believing whatever he says as fact. It's hilarious, because that's what every dyed-in-the-wool Hillary supporter did. The fact remains that Trump supporters don’t ignore the man's flaws. We all had to sit through the media's examination of his 11-year-old audio recording. We had to listen as political pundits called him everything from a sexual predator to a xenophobe.

But Trump supporters are not ones to simply fall in line, as we've seen during the secretary of state selection process. Normally voters go to sleep after November 8.  Trump supporters have stayed engaged in the transition process.  When rumors swirled that Trump might select Mitt Romney- longtime detractor of Trump's candidacy- as the next SoS, voters mounted a campaign to combat it.

It shows that the people who voted for Trump have their own opinions about what's going on in their government and refuse to just accept something they don't agree with- sort of like they did when they voted for Trump in the first place.

Yet whenever something suspicious happened over in the Clinton camp, the media and her supporters waited for the office excuse and pushed it. When Hillary collapsed at the 9-11 memorial, her people were silent for hours, infuriating the media. This was because they couldn't report on it before they got their marching orders from the top.

So much for honest journalism.

When shocking revelations came out from the Podesta email leaks, like Hillary "public and private" stances or her speech promising open borders, her people deflected to Russia. They made bogus claims about Russia's connection to Donald Trump, something they could not prove. Many of her supporters and the media reported it as fact. Despite the reality that it was Hillary Clinton who benefited from a relationship with Russia.

This kind of willful blindness is part of the reason they lost so spectacularly. You can't lie so openly and expect the majority of people to believe you forever. Most people can identify crap when they smell it.

And so it is with the fallout of Donald Trump's win. The left has been manufacturing all manner of excuses for why the outsider candidate beat their established politician- forgetting the fact that Hillary Clinton wasn't well liked even by her own people.  Forgetting the fact Donald Trump ran a brilliant campaign that put pundits, pollsters, and the media to shame.

The real reason Trump won was because of Russia.

Again with Russia. Why does the left expect us to believe this pig slop? Referencing the email leaks from earlier in the year, the left and their soldiers in the media have tried to construct a narrative that Russia wanted to sway the election by hacking Hillary's email, to reveal secrets that would turn the public against her.

Assuming that is true for a minute, it still doesn't erase the fact that it was her emails that did her in.  All the content people read on Wikileaks- including Podesta's belief in aliens and his suspicious pizza messages- was verified. It was from her and her people. Blaming Russia doesn't alter that reality one iota. So even if Russia was behind the hacks, she still lost because of her team's own duplicity and corruption.

Even the left is admitting to that.

Then there's the idea that Russia wanted Trump to win. Why? There's no evidence that Trump even knew Putin before the election. As a businessman who never worked in politics, there would have been precious few opportunities for them to meet. The CIA and other agencies (including the press) cannot find any evidence that Putin or Russian operatives were working with Trump.

I just mentioned that Hillary benefited from U.S. deals with Russia. Wouldn't have Putin wanted her to win to continue that relationship?

When you begin to question the left's narrative with basic logic, you see all the holes. It's almost laughable to think that professional adults would try to pull such a fast one over on the American public-  if it wasn't so reprehensible.

But now we are learning it wasn't even some kind of Jason Bourne-style heist that resulted in Podesta's emails being released. It was simply the case of an old man who doesn't understand computers.

According to a report from The New York Times, hackers gained access to John Podesta’s email inbox after the man himself – or one of his aides – simply gave them the password by replying to a spam message.

The report states that one of Podesta’s aides, suspicious about the phishing email, forwarded it to Clinton campaign aide Charles Delavan, who replied not long after...

As The New York Times puts it, “with another click, a decade of emails that Mr. Podesta maintained in his Gmail account – a total of 60,000 – were unlocked.” (via Milo)

Oops. Russia wasn't sending their best spies to repel from a ceiling to hack into Podesta's desktop. He simply gave his password to a phishing scam.

This is why people say our government doesn't understand technology. Because it doesn't. A basic understanding of security would have prevented Podesta's emails from landing in the hands of the most notorious whistleblowers of the 21st Century. If he and his assistants utilized even a modicum of knowledge- like "never give your password to anyone, ever," this whole fiasco could have been avoided.

Because he fell for such a basic and open form of exploitation, we don't even know who was on the receiving end. Russia? Maybe, but probably not. Certainly not the Russia government, as phishing attempts are often from nefarious agencies that aim to steal personal information, like bank accounts.

Who exactly was on the other end? According to The Times, it was the Russians. Other people aren’t so convinced.

In fact, given the reportedly rudimentary means of entry (phishing?!), a number of people are now calling the ‘hack’ a ‘leak.’ (via Milo)

Given the nature of the Internet, Podesta's emails probably bounced around a number of Deep Web sites before ending up with Wikileaks.  All sorts of agents could have been looking at his and Hillary's messages.

Yet we are to believe it was an elaborate sting by the Russians to install Donald Trump as a puppet despite any evidence.

The real puppets are the people believing the mainstream media.

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