How Could They Have Been So Wrong!?? Why You Need To Stop Listening to the MSM

"Pride comes before the fall." - Proverbs 16:18

Hillary had the media.

Hillary had the support of Hollywood, celebrities, pop stars, and professional athletes.

Hillary had an estimated $2 billion dollars in funds from men like George Soros and Warren Buffett.

Donald Trump won the election.

Right now pundits and talk show hosts in the mainstream media are reeling from this historic election. Even so-called conservative Fox News anchors were virtually stunned to silence throughout election night as state after state turned red. They kept reiterating that Donald Trump had no chance at winning this election.

That they never saw this coming.

Yet if you ask countless Americans across the country, this came as no surprise. Millions of voters were flocking to Donald Trump over the course of the last two years. His momentum kept growing, in spite of a concerted effort from the left, the biased media, and even members of his own party. Yet the "experts" still didn't see a decisive victory for the man.

From day one I was expecting a Trump victory. Over the course of the election, I've written many articles predicting a significant win for Donald Trump (if you don't believe me, feel free to read a sample of my work over at Patriot Journal). I knew something that the massive media corporations didn't know or refused to acknowledge.

Was I just guessing and got incredibly lucky? Was I using a crystal ball to see into the future? While some today will claim that was the case, picking Trump was an easy choice.

Donald Trump has always been an expert negotiator.  He built successful companies because he knew how to craft a strategy that wins. As a brilliant leader he knew that to take the White House, all he had to do was appeal to the American people. This explains such radical stances as building a wall along the Mexican border, calling for a ban on immigrants from terrorist-supporting countries, and even going after established Republicans that didn't echo his values.

Why did this work? Because the election was won by people, not politics. The media, for all their power, cannot decide who the next president will be, the people do. It didn't matter how many elitists Trump ticked off, so long as he had the support of the American voter, he'd win.

Let's look at a few key pieces of evidence. Trump broke records during the primaries.  He not only won the nomination, he brought out more voters than any Republican candidate in history. In the early days of the election, he generated goodwill among Americans by self-funding his campaign. Genius move, genius.

Then there were the rallies.  My goodness, the rallies!  While Hillary had trouble filling small meeting halls, Trump was packing in stadiums across the country.  The media brushed this off as insignificant, simply because it terrified them. In the closing months of the election, Trump set records for funding by small donors, racking up hundreds of millions of dollars from donations no larger than $200. You do that math.

Looking at all this would lead any honest, decent, self-respecting person to believe Trump was the candidate to beat. Or at least a significant contender for the White House.

But what about the polls!??  The polls!

The media were confident in a Hillary victory because, even near the end of the race, she was leading or close in most major polls. I've gone over, ad nauseum, how these polls were not an accurate portrayal of the American voter. Right now pundits will claim it was because people said one thing over the phone, but did another in the voting booth. That they were too embarrassed to admit they supported Trump openly--a claim they made about Reagan in 1980.

But there is a better reason why the polls were wildly wrong (you have to understand that: they weren't just a little wrong, they were wildly wrong.). We've seen throughout this election how pollsters swayed their results through a variety of means, such as under-representing white voters, ignoring increased Republican turnout for Election Day, and underestimating how many Democrats would support Trump. We discovered the DNC used a playbook for controlling poll results, with tactics like oversampling Democrats, African Americans and other minorities, while ignoring older and white voters. And of course there are other factors, such as pollsters ignoring first time voters.

It doesn't take much convincing to see that the polls were used not as a means for gauging voter response, but as a tool for swaying public opinion in favor of Hillary.  Boy, did they get that wrong.

Beyond the polls, there is a very obvious reason for the shock of the media today. We've known outlets like the New York Times, the Huffington Post, CNN, and many others have been nakedly biased in their support for Hillary Clinton. They have ignored the massive dirt in her past (such as her illegal email scandal, involvement in the creation of ISIS, lying under oath, and the deaths at Benghazi) and magnified any perceived flaw in Donald Trump. They were convinced that this unprecedented level of lying would bamboozle the majority of Americans into electing a generally disliked, unpleasant, and untrustworthy woman.

They were so convinced of this narrative that they began to believe it themselves. The media and liberal elite refused to believe that most of America is made up of strong, conservative folk who were tired of Obama's administration and the general corruption of Washington, DESPITE THE FACT THAT WE'VE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT IT FOR YEARS.

This absolute unwillingness to except Trump's massive momentum throughout the campaign can only speak of the media's self-centeredness and delusion. They've drunk their own Kool-Aid.  They're so high up in their ivory towers, they can't fathom that America doesn't even respect them anymore. Videos like this reflect the sentiment of the American public right now. And guess what? That's how we've been feeling for a long time.

Over the course of the election I've talked about how Hillary Clinton has become so deluded with her own lies, that she is living in a fantasy world, incapable of acknowledging the reality around her.  That justifies her dogged insistence that Russia was behind the email leaks, despite any evidence to that fact.  That explains her attempt to paint Trump as a sexist or sexual predator, despite the fact that she has historically protected her husband even when woman after woman says he raped her.  That explains how she could call Trump a puppet, when she is in the pocket of Wall Street, Saudi Arabia and other rich, foreign interests.

As I look over everything I've written in this article, the stuff I've been writing for the last year, it comes as no surprise to me that Hillary lost.  Trump is an outspoken man with a personality that may turn some people off.  But Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a leader with a terrible record, and perhaps a sociopath.  The fact that the mainstream media couldn't see it is stunning.

I think it's time we cut our ties with establishments so determined to lie to us.  Establishments so far gone, so corrupt, that they can't see the writing on the wall, even when it's written with bold letters.


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