Guess What? Obama Was The Real Fascist

Far be it from me to bury the lead, so I put it right into the title.

Let's get to it right away, President Trump has been called a fascist by many of the unpleasant, radical, liberal protesters marching up and down our city streets, blocking our roads, and making our airports even less enjoyable to use.

These protesters seem to forget (or outright ignore) the reality that, if Trump is really a fascist, they wouldn't be allowed to protest. They would have been rounded up many months ago and locked up for, let's say, the rest of their lives.

Recently on Tucker Carlson's news show, he interviewed Sunsara Taylor leader of "Refuse Fascism," yet another activist group that has seemingly sprung up overnight to resist President Trump's agenda to fix the United States. That exchange went as well as you might expect.

According to Resist Fascism's homepage, they're all about stopping Trump's fascist agenda of turning the United States into Nazi Germany.

The Trump/Pence Regime is a Fascist Regime. Not insult or exaggeration, this is what it is. For the future of humanity and the planet, we, the people, must drive this regime out.

This group (which doesn't disclose who founded it and who sponsors it) is the latest to openly call the freely elected President of the United States, his VP, and cabinet fascists. They make a powerful (though largely unsubstantiated) case that Trump is a fascist and poses a threat not just to America, but the entire world.

I've already discussed that calling a leader fascist is an empty argument, because few can come to a consensus on what a fascist really is. However, given the ongoing rhetoric from left-wing activists that Trump is indeed a fascist, we should at least look at the facts and see if, by his actions, Trump is the next Mussolini (Mussolini was an early 20th century fascist dictator of Italy that allied with Hitler during WWII. I had to explain that since many calling Trump a fascist have probably never heard of him).

To keep things simple, let's establish at least a general definition of a fascist leader. A fascist president would be someone that exercises authoritarian control over the executive branch. Basically, he would abuse his authority as president to undermine the other branches of government, state's power in dictating policy, and generally erode the Constitutionally-granted freedoms of the American people.

Sound good? That's a pretty decent description of a fascist if you ask me. In fact, those actions would lay the groundwork for a good dictator, right? But has Trump been acting that way?


A president is “authoritarian” not when he’s angry or impulsive or incompetent or tweets too much. He’s authoritarian when he seeks to expand his own power beyond constitutional limits. In this regard, the Obama administration — though far more polite and restrained in most of its public comments — was truly one of our more authoritarian. (via the National Review)

Trump is frequently criticized by the left for his bold statements and aggressive remarks on Twitter. Those, by the way, are the very things that got him support in the first place. Calling James Robart a "so-called" judge may not win over many liberals, but it's a far cry from actually trying to undermine the authority of the judicial branch.

In fact, since the 9th Circuit Court upheld Robart's stay on Trump's order, the president didn't press the fight, but actually went back to rework the order. That suggests that Trump and his administration want to work with other leaders, not just barrel ahead to get their agenda done.

But we did have a president that simply worked to defy the will and orders of other branches of government, even the will of the people.

Obama exercised his so-called prosecutorial discretion not just to waive compliance with laws passed by Congress... but also to create entirely new immigration programs such as DACA and DAPA. He sought to roll back First Amendment protections for political speech (through his relentless attacks on Citizens United), tried to force nuns to facilitate access to birth control, and he even tried to inject federal agencies like the Equality Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) into the pastor-selection process, a move blocked by a unanimous Supreme Court. (via the National Review)

Fawn over Barack all you want because of his smooth manor, eloquent words, and even temperament. The reality is he abused the executive branch any time he could in order to push his agenda. Not only by pushing against court decisions, but by violating basic Constitutional limitations, especially in the matter of immigration.

His violations of First Amendment rights were unacceptable.  A "man of the people" should have known better than to require nuns to endorse behavior they were fundamentally against- or to force government agencies to manipulate the way churches select their pastors. Liberals frequently bitch about "separation of church and state," claiming that religious beliefs should not influence the government. But they didn't seem to bat an eye when Obama violated this idea. I guess separation of church and state doesn't matter when it goes the other way.

Then there was Obama's attempt at pushing for a nationalized police force, eroding the authority and identity of local communities and states. I mean seriously, you can't get much more fascist than having a police force you control entirely.

Or how about his attempts to undermine elections at the state level? We only recently learned that Obama-controlled DHS had hacked Indiana's electoral systems to "scan" votes (after trying it in Georgia).  You know we use an electoral system for a reason, so that the federal government, under the influence of a single man, can't undermine the integrity of our elections. Obama claimed the federal government should take a greater part in the way states run elections, because it is a "national security" issue.

That's just what fascists say to erode the freedoms of states and private citizens.  He wanted to assume more control over our society, for our "protection." It's like it's right out of Big Brother's mouth.

But what has President Trump actually done that proves he's a fascist?

Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a man known not just for his intellect and integrity but also for his powerful legal argument against executive-branch overreach...

When the Ninth Circuit blocked Trump’s immigration executive order...he responded differently from the Obama administration when it faced similar judicial setbacks... it backed up... and told the Ninth Circuit that it intends to rewrite and rework the order...

Indeed, if you peel back the layer of leftist critiques of Trump’s early actions and early hires, they contain a surprising amount of alarmism over the rollback of governmental power. (via the National Review)

In his Inaugural Address, Trump said his election was about restoring the power of government back to the people. He made it clear in his campaign and early months in the White House that his goal was to reduce the overreaching power of the government. That poses an existential threat to both republicans and democrats, who enjoy the ever-expanding power of our federal government.

President Trump vows to reduce the power of D.C., which includes the power he will ultimately wield over our society.

Yet now we are expected to believe the party that rallied behind Obama, the party that consistently embraced big government, is now worried that Trump is taking too much power. Despite the obvious fact that Obama was the fascist and Trump merely an agent that will work to undo his abuses.

You can squawk all you want about Trump being the next Hitler or fascist or enemy of the people. But when you get down to the facts we already had our Dictator in Chief.

He just left office.

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