The Fall of the House of Bush: How One Family Betrayed Conservative America

Some of you may remember the 2000 election. America was looking for a reset....      

After eight years of Bubba in the White House, millions of Americans wanted fresh and honest leadership. We were sick of the entire world laughing at us, thanks to the antics of a man who couldn't help but commit adultery in the Oval Office.

Bill Clinton's affairs were sickening, embarrassing, and disgraceful.

The only thing the democrats could dig up to replace Bill was his lackey, Al Gore. A man lacking charisma, conviction, or moral fortitude. A man that would parrot Clinton's policy, who's only real defining characteristic was his support for environmentalism and his assertion that he "invented the Internet."

So it would come as no surprise that many flocked to George W. Bush. The son of a former president and an open, born-again Christian, he was a breath of fresh air after an administration rife with scandal, affairs, and compromises.

But even that was a knock-down, drag out fight, if you remember the vote recall and controversy in Florida.

Jump eight years further into the future and you'll see a radically different America. And not for the better. Soon into his first year as president, George Bush faced the worst attack on U.S. soil in history. The president's administration would be marked with an ongoing, and frequently questioned, War on Terror.

By 2008 America was tired of the fear, fighting, and weakening economy. The media and public opinion was that W failed America.

While I don't have time or desire to try to defend Bush's actions as president, we can at least say much of his "failures" were out of his hands, considering the devastation of 9/11 and economic problems like the 2000's Internet bubble bursting.

But you can say Bush handled his wars poorly. Instead of tracking down Bin Laden, we sent our boys into Afghanistan, then Iraq, for no conceivable end goals. Even those efforts were met with disaster.

The conservative utopia many Americans were hoping for failed crashed and burned. Clearly we were not a better country since the year 2000. Bush's failures all but paved the way for Barack Obama, who had to do very little to win over voters.

Obama, the most liberal president in our history. Obama, who gave the keys to the State department to Crooked Hillary. Obama, who opened the door for radical redefinitions of our culture, like same-sex marriage and transgender rights.

You would have to be way off base to put the blame for Obama's liberal agenda on George Bush (though some alt-right wingers might do just that). But you could say that any gains conservatives made during the early 2000's were wiped out when Obama came to power.

With the 2016 election, it's an opportunity for another reset button. We had a chance to nominate a strong, conservative leader that would right the ship after Obama's radical eight years. Surely the GOP would rally behind whomever was chosen, putting their considerable influence and power into this new candidate.

Yet we've seen many established Republicans all but sabotage the GOP nominee, Donald Trump. It looks like they'd rather have a corrupt politician like Hillary Clinton in power, rather than a conservative.

This includes the Bush family.

We know that George Bush Sr, has come out in support for Hillary Clinton. That bizarre betrayal of the party is not a huge surprise, given his comfy relationship with Bill over the years. Plus the guy's like 100; who knows if he's even thinking clearly.

But then we heard from W. A man who wouldn't even back John McCain during 2008, for fear of jeopardizing the election, now refuses to back the conservative nominee. He hasn't openly endorsed Hillary--that would be too extreme--but he hasn't encouraged voters to back the Republican Party's pick.

But what trumps (pun not intended) all of this was the recent leak of audio of Donald Trump, saying some very unpleasant things back in 2005. The media is practically foaming at the mouth over a few sentences, trying to make the candidate out to be a monster.

Now, I'm not interested in discussing the audio. You know very well you've heard far worse in the locker room, school yard, dentist's office, and every corner of the Internet. We know that anyone flipping out of the comments is overreacting because they already hated Trump.

No, the real point I want to bring up is that the comments were made to Billy Bush, W's nephew. Where do you think the audio came from? It's over ten years old. Had the left known about it, they would have used it early on to sabotage Trump, to prevent him from gaining any momentum. Clearly it hasn't hurt him now, only cast greater light on Bill and Hillary's shameful sexual past.

My belief is that Billy Bush himself released this audio to the public. It probably took him time to track down the file, considering it was property of Access Hollywood. But it makes perfect sense. The Bush family has declared war on conservatives by attacking our only hope for the White House. This is yet another attempt by the Bush's to destroy Trump.

But you may be wondering why. Why would a long-time conservative family want to destroy the conservative candidate for President? It can't just be because he's got an abrasive personality. In reality, that kind of strong, uncompromising personae would be great in the White House. Imagine limp-wristed liberals or blowhards from overseas trying to pull one over on Trump! Not going to happen.

So why would two former conservative presidents and others from their family go after the GOP nominee? Could it possibly be because he beat their boy, Jeb? Maybe the family is so bitter over Jeb's disastrous loss, that they refuse to back the Republican candidate?

Let's jump back to May 2015. There were sixteen Republicans vying for the nomination. But the clear front runner--based on the polls--was Jeb Bush. The son and brother of a president, who had a mildly successful career as governor of Florida, was a shoe-in.

Then Donald Trump announced his candidacy. He quickly dominated every conversation. Jeb was completely forgotten. Even at the end, it was down to Trump and Ted Cruz, another outsider candidate.

Jeb's bid for the White House was a disastrous failure. But it had little to do with Trump's rise. It was clear that conservatives, and many other Americans, were tired of the old system. They grew sick of watching the liberal elite redefine American values. They paled at the frequent terrorist attacks around the world, and the lukewarm response from our government. They refused to allow another D.C. insider take the White House, be they conservative or liberal.

Even if Trump never entered the race, Jeb would have lost. Americans don't want another Bush in the White House. They didn't want to see the seat of conservative leadership be shared among one family. How is that democratic?

It's the same reason why Hillary will fail in November. We don't want the Clinton's back either.

But despite that glaring reality, the Bush's are under the delusion that it's all Trump's fault. I could see Jeb, running back to his mommy and daddy, whimpering over how that bully took his toy. "Donald stole the election from me!" he'd cried. And like a blind, loyal family, they vowed they would never back the mean man that hurt little Jeb's feelings.

It's almost comical, if it weren't real life. So much is at stake in this election, yet a highly visible, influential family like the Bush's are just giving it away to the Clinton's. As conservatives they should know the damage that Clinton's radical plans would cause America. They should put family drama aside to back the one candidate that could restore a little bit of our dignity.

Yet the Bush's antics this election show how broken the political system truly is. Politicians--entire families--are putting grudges and hurt feelings over the needs of 330 million people. Instead of standing for the values they once vowed to protect, the Bush's are trying to sabotage Trump, just because he beat Jeb.

The real irony is that the Bush's pathetic attack only serves to help Trump. He's ran as an outsider candidate, someone who will bring change and upheaval to the broken D.C. status quo. Long time insiders like the Bush's represent everything American voters have come to hate. Their betrayal of the Republican Party in abandoning their candidate only further confirms what Trump will do in the White House.

So keep trying to derail Trump, Bush's. You'll only help secure his place in U.S. history.

Oh, and if you're still upset over Trump's remarks, please get off the Internet. You won't be happy with what you'll find.

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