Double Standard: How the Left Contradicts Themselves

During the 2016 Election, we were forced to listen to many, many celebrities who either endorsed Hillary Clinton or attacked Donald Trump.  These rich, out-of-touch, self-centered actors and entertainers seemed to think that we cared about their political views.

They even produced a bogus video trying to manipulate young voters' emotions, so they would most likely vote for a woman so corrupt, she tried to cover up the deaths of four Americans in Libya.

We've seen how effective (i.e. not at all) celebrities' attempts at trying to sway the election have been. When they saw how little power they have over America, they ranted on Twitter, calling millions of Americans racist and sexist for voting for Trump.

Even though there have been a few celebrities to come out recently and criticize their colleagues for getting involved in politics, it seems that many of the bloated, gas bags of Hollywood still think they can intimidate Americans and violate the electoral process.

Recently a group of actors and celebrities made a similar, emotionally-driven video aimed at the Republican electors. Martin Sheen is on hand, talking against a backdrop of sweetly sad music, trying to convince these people to break the law by abandoning Trump.

It would be laughable if it weren't real.  Seriously, it sounds like something SNL would do (if they were still funny). But the video is a sad attempt at trying to manipulate Republicans into not voting for a Republican candidate, who WON THE ELECTION.

Do the shadowy assholes who created "United for America" even understand how democracy works? Do they really think that this video can force people- who wanted Trump to win- to suddenly invalidate the will of every state and refuse to vote for the man who's already won?

Notice how they picked Sheen to head this video- not a young gun like Downy.   This is what United for America thinks about the GOP electors. They like the old guys, right? They wouldn't know who Robert Downy Jr. is; I doubt they've even seen Iron Man!

But the stupidity of this effort underscores the hypocrisy exhibited by the left in the aftermath of Trump's historic win. They are so bitter and butt-hurt over their puppet Clinton losing, after spending 1.2 billion dollars, that they've pulled out all the stops to undermine Trump's transition.

Notice how, in the video, Sheen mentions the Electoral College was made to prevent a "demagogue" from assuming power over the country. A demagogue? You mean like a woman who manipulated her own party's primary? A woman who lied about the deaths at Benghazi? A woman that has covered up her husband's many extramarital affairs? A woman who is mostly likely owned by foreign nations like Saudi Arabia?

Yeah, we shouldn't have a person like that in the White House.

You see, the powers that are currently running the Democratic Party- and the many liberal groups that support it- don't care about facts or the issues. They only care about assuming more power over our country.  The very things they accuse Trump and conservatives of, they do themselves.

Let's look at some more examples. We've had to put up with the sad, defeated mainstream media's attack on what they call "fake news." You know, all of us independent writers and bloggers online doing their job for them. These larger outlets, like Huffington Post, CNN, and the New York Times, have been shoveling out fake news for years.

Most recently, the New York Times published an article claiming Russia tried to undermine the U.S. election by hacking Hillary's emails and releasing them to the public. Apparently, this was a nefarious scheme on the part of Putin to get Americans to vote for Trump.

Because, you know, Putin understands the electoral process of the United States and knows best how to manipulate Americans. Unlike Hillary Clinton's people, it seems.

There are a few key things the New York Times does not explain:

[T]he story does go on to make an argument — albeit a terribly flimsy one — that the Kremlin acted covertly to hurt Mrs. Clinton. But nowhere in the story do the reporters even try to stand up the stunning claim that Moscow tried to “promote” Mr. Trump.

Did the Russians run sunny ads about Mr. Trump someplace? Did they release information that cast Mr. Trump in some heroic light? No. The reporters just claimed it in the lead and never mention it again.

Key to their claim that Russia worked to throw the election for Mr. Trump — rather than simply trying to stir up trouble and discredit the whole America election process — is the claim made by unnamed sources that Russia hacked the Republican National Committee in addition to the DNC, “but did not release whatever information they gleaned from the Republican networks.” (via Breitbart)

The New York Times, who during the election broke the law to release Trump's taxes from the 90's, is now trying to cast doubt on our entire election by claiming the Russians interfered, based on unconfirmed statements by an unnamed source. They want to destroy 200 years of democracy because they embarrassed themselves during the election.

Sounds like some awfully big fake news to me.

Of course, there is CNN. Recently, they tried to bait Civil Rights icon Jim Brown into criticizing Trump's cabinet picks for being too white. This 80-year-old man had to shut down Brooke Baldwin by saying he doesn't care about a person's skin color, so long as they are good people.  Shouldn't that be everyone's opinion? Liberals today only care if your skin color isn't white.  Apparently, all the good that Trump's people have done doesn't matter because they're not black or Latino.

The real problem with the left's double standard is that it's being passed onto regular people.  With the win of Donald Trump to the White House, we all need to get behind the next President and support him in making America great again. It's what we've done after every election. But the toxic and pathetic agenda of the left to continue to undermine him is only inspiring precious snowflakes and social justice "warriors" to mount their own campaigns to attack conservatives and Trump supporters.

The best they can do is craft hoax hate crimes that get them into trouble.  You'd think with all the people getting arrested for filing fake police reports these children would learn. But apparently not.

A Muslim woman who drummed up mainstream media hysteria claiming she was attacked on a New York City subway by President-Elect Donald Trump supporters is now under arrest for fabricating the hate crime and filing a false police report...

A source with the New York Daily News said Seweid stood by her story until NYPD continued to press her on the matter after finding no evidence that the attack occurred. Seweid admitted that she had fabricated the story, claiming she had family problems. (via Breitbart)

I'm sure the liberal media dropped this story the moment they learned she made it all up. Since the election, we've seen demonstrations, protests, riots, and fake hate crimes aimed at discrediting Trump and the millions of Americans who supported him. We've seen precious few actual crimes from conservatives.

Why? Because we're too busying working, going to school, and trying to make lives for ourselves. Only pampered liberals have the luxury to protest and make up crimes.

It's this kind of behavior that will ultimately drive Americans away from the Democratic Party. How do you expect people to take you seriously when all you do is lie, invent crimes, and live by a shocking double standard? It is the ultimate example of the boy who cried wolf. The rest of us will learn not to take liberal groups seriously, robbing them of the power to make a difference when it actually matters.

Maybe they'll learn before it's too late. Maybe they'll learn to use facts and decency to get their point across.

Maybe not.


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