Boston Free Speech Rally Shut Down By The Left

Flowery, aggrandizing characterizations of ANTIFA in the wake of Charlottesville have contributed to a picture of all right-leaning demonstrations as hate rallies. In turn, those who employ intimidation, shout-downs, and sheer numbers to prevent rallies from taking place have been, and will continue to be, heralded as demi-heroes.

Despite these demonstrations espousing no semblance of Nazi sympathy or ethnographically divisive beliefs, they are labeled by the uninformed public as ‘right-wing,' and therefore must be stifled by any means necessary. This is the playbook which the rarely seen power brokers, staunchly opposed to the ideals which have supposedly become ‘right-wing’ in nature (belief in free speech, law and order, and equal accountability) have used to divide the public and slow the progress of the current presidency.

Charlottesville, an event which pitted one hoard of malevolent scumbags against another– will be used as justification to stymie even the noblest of rallies remotely associated with modern conservatism, a set of values which used to be synonymous with patriotism and, more importantly, Americanism. Thousands of goons, many masked and often armed, will descend upon the respective ‘right-wing’ rally, using megaphones and rehearsed chants to shout down any speakers or dialogue.

If necessary, violence will be egged on and engaged in to disperse the conservative demonstrators, who more often than not will have a legal right to be there. These lawful demonstrators, hoping to spread the values that counteract free-speech-hating movements like ANTIFA, will be forced to flee. Meanwhile, the thousands of ‘counter-protesters’– often intent upon engaging in unlawful activity, be it property damage or violence– will be hailed as peace-loving civil rights warriors acting to stamp out Nazism.

Such violations of America’s values and laws will not be condemned, or even condoned. They will be cheered effusively by many, especially in the media. Increasingly, free speech, libertarian ideals, and other forms of completely mainstream and in many cases noble demonstrations will be unlawfully trampled upon and shut down.

Just yesterday, as ANTIFA brawled with police and attacked genuinely peaceful protesters, MSNBC characterized the ANTIFA gathering as an ‘anti-racist protest.’ Because, apparently, a “Free Speech Rally” is racist. The level of idiocy which has overtaken the media, and the willingness of so many Americans– at this point the entire self-identifying left– to buy into the lies is astonishing.

Yesterday, 40,000 people descended upon the free speech rally in Boston Common. This mob of supposedly anti-racist counter-protesters– again, protesting an ongoing free speech rally– was the group from which acts of violence arose. It was also this group that was characterized as anti-Nazi, despite that narrative being irrelevant within the context of ‘free speech.' This is just one example of how every conservative cause will be swept under the umbrella of neo-Nazism and white supremacy, and in the eyes of those on the left– in the media, politics, and the general public– will justify the forceful termination of conservative rallies.

A depiction of today’s event in the Wall Street Journal displays this equivalency of unrelated issues which, by association, further the narrative of the right as the modern Nazi party:

“As thousands of counter protesters poured into the Common vastly outnumbering rally-goers, the day morphed into a larger event against white supremacy and racism. Attendees said they felt compelled to speak out to try to keep neo-Nazi and other themes that were on display on Aug. 12 in Charlottesville, Va., from metastasizing elsewhere.”

“Everything we stand for feels like it’s under attack,” said Robert Master, a 74-year-old Vietnam War veteran who lives in Cambridge, Mass. “When you see neo-Nazis in the street with torches—that’s not the America we fought for and believe in.”

We shouldn’t be surprised at ANTIFA’s violent antics at this point. What should surprise and deeply concern us, however, is the level of willful complicity which the once-mainstream media is demonstrating in ANTIFA’s many crimes. When are we going to start calling the former mainstream media what it is? It is not mainstream, and it barely passes as true news. It is poorly conceptualized propaganda, and now they are in bed with a group considered to be a domestic terrorist threat.

Charlottesville aside, ANTIFA’s primary aim is to silence the groups and messages which they –or their elusive bosses– apparently disagree with. Though ANTIFA’s own belief set is unclear (the unlawful nature of their activities leave room for no apparent platform), it is clear that freedom of speech, and those on the right who have seen fit to protect it publically, are ANTIFA’s primary targets. It is, quite simply, a group which resorts to violence to silence another who typically does believe in free speech for all.

And now, it is apparent that the left-stream media will be throwing their support, in the form of favorable headlines and unfounded reports that it is the right escalating violence in any given conflict, fully behind ANTIFA. It is the corporate endorsement of free speech’s demise.

Making this Orwellian scenario even more disgraceful is the wanton way in which values as American and widely revered as free speech are associated with Nazis, even if only by implication. Thanks to the events in Charlottesville, Republicans as Nazis will be the storyline that never dies, and it will be used to justify violence against and silencing of Americans who stand up for America’s bedrock values.

There is also an unavoidable connection between right-hating groups such as ANTIFA and the politicians who, deep down, love to see Republicans and Donald Trump painted as Nazis, and treated with the indignity which should be reserved only for a true follower of the Nazi ideology. It was reported that liberal foundations gave $100 million to Black Lives Matter, which often– and not by accident– finds itself side-by-side with ANTIFA amid the chaos. George Soros is only the most visible face of the massive funding behind groups and protesters, such as the Women’s March, aimed at undermining the legitimacy of our democracy.

Undermining our democracy. Sound familiar?

It should, it is the charge levied against conservatives who allegedly colluded with Russians to ‘undermine’ the 2016 election, which was the greatest re-confirmation of our democracy’s merits as there could be in modern times. I know it is hard to remember amidst this conveniently timed fervor over statues and Nazis, but there was once a time when the news was dominated by that same Russia-centric narrative.

Now, the powers that be have decided that alleging Nazism as one of the president’s core beliefs– along with pro-Russian sympathies– is the quickest way to see the president’s demise realized. A quick aside, I wonder how Stalin and Hitler would see this whole Russia/Nazi common friend of an American president storyline…

The implications of the former mainstream media, at least one billionaire in Soros, and countless rhetoric-parroting Democrats condoning the violent tactics of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are not insignificant.

The implications of what we are witnessing with respect to the national political and social landscape are dire.

Groups of angry, misguided youth are being presumably compensated for their efforts in silencing free speech, given cover by the media for their shameful and anti-democratic mission and means. And much of America is happy to nod their head in approval as free speech is being used as target practice by weapon-wielding thugs. They are happy to applaud the bravery of ANTIFA and their ilk upon CNN’s command.

They won’t be happy when they finally lift their heads from the sand and realize that they, too, may be attacked for saying the wrong thing, even when they have the right.

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