Black Versus White: Is A Race War on the Way?

I've talked about my views on race in the past. As a kid growing up in the 80's and 90's, I had friends from all walks of life. My closest friends in church were black and Hispanic. My next door neighbor and buddy were Muslim. I hung out with my Jewish neighbor and the Catholic kids in school.

Suffice it to say; we had no trouble getting along. We all had much more in common, despite the color of our skin or religion, than we had different.

So either or society has taken many leaps backwards, or it's true what they say, children are far wiser than adults.

That could be why Jesus told his followers to have faith like a child. Children have less cause to hate. They seem to look past skin color, cultural differences, even fundamental things like religion. They simply see people who are either friendly to them or aren't. They're quick to forgive, especially if you have the latest video game at your place.

But we grew up and did a good job of screwing everything up.  The current climate that exists in our society hasn't been crafted by our children, but by adults who seem more childish than anyone else.

How else can you explain acts like this?

A New York City man was arrested Monday for attempting to push a bystander onto the subway tracks in Harlem while yelling, “I hate white people.”

Gary Weeks, 51, of Queens, was charged with attempted murder, aggravated harassment, and obstruction of government administration, the New York Daily News reported.

The bystander was waiting at the 4-5-6 subway station at 125th St. and Lexington Ave. for a northbound train when Weeks tried to push him onto the tracks. (via Breitbart)

Yes, I know there are some bad white people out there, especially in New York, but does that justify shoving a random white dude onto the tracks?

I remember a few kids in school that acted out in irrational, unjustified ways. They would steal another kid's crayons, or push them when they were in line, or cry because they weren't picked first in dodgeball. But at least there was a teacher on hand to correct the little brat and show them the error of their ways.

Where are the people to teach adults the same lesson?

A black couple claiming to be part of the New Black Panther Party was charged with rendering a false alarm, making terrorist threats, and possessing a hoax bomb after planting the device on school grounds.

However, Zachary Edwards, 35, and Raphel Dilligard, 34, admitted to much worse to police after being caught. By their own admission, the purpose of the bomb hoax was to lure in as many police officers as possible and then shoot them in order to start a race war. (via Milo)

A race war? Really? Has all the hateful rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and other groups really justified the deaths of police and potentially hundreds of civilians?

This is America we're talking about, folks. The country that fought to end slavery, pass laws against discrimination, and had a two term black President. That's not to mention the prominent black leaders in government, military, education, science, news, and entertainment.

It seems that there are people in this country that have forgotten the great strides we've taken in a short amount of time. Remember, it was only fifty years ago that black people couldn't eat in the same restaurant as white people. Fifty years ago, black people were attacked with fire hoses for standing up for their rights.

Now we have our first black president ending his second term. Not bad for a generation or two.

Does that mean we're perfect? Far from it. Especially when we have people shoving white folks onto subway tracks and radicals calling for race war. Clearly, there are tensions between Americans of different races.  But we've come a long way from where we once were. We must not jeopardize that because of the agenda of a select few.

The leaders of Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, and many other racial activist groups (including the KKK) are not interested in improving the quality of the people they claim to represent. They are in it for the power, money, and attention their destructive rhetoric gives them.

When BLM incites young people to storm city streets, destroy property, and endanger the lives of citizens and cops, do you think their leaders are there? Do you think the people writing books and appearing on CNN are the ones putting themselves in danger? They are fleecing an entire generation for their own personal advancement.

And then, there's this person:

Political commentator Symone Sanders says she believes that the Democratic Party does not need white people leading it.

It all began when a discussion on CNN’s show ‘Wolf’ earlier today turned towards the potential DNC Chairmanship of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean.

Symone Sanders, who previously served as Bernie Sanders’ Press Secretary, wasn’t too fond of that idea.

“We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party,” she insisted. “The Democratic Party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in our leadership.”

Symone followed that up by stating, “I’m here for the millennials and the brown folks.” (via Milo).

Does she think that all those Millennials are "brown" as she put it? Let me ask Sanders something: when you claim the DNC is "diverse" do you not realize that includes white people?  Seventy-seven percent of America is white. Doesn't their opinion count? When you want a minority to lead your party, you're potentially discounting a massive group of people from having a say.

How is that protecting equality and justice?

Make no mistake, when Sanders says divisive things like that, she's really saying SHE wants to lead the Democratic Party. That's fine. It shouldn't matter what race the person is, as long as they are competent and can do the best they can for the party.

But the fact that she makes race such a priority shows how out of touch the regressive left has become. Instead of reaching out to all Americans, especially after such a decisive defeat at the polls, she is doubling down on the identity politics that have been destroying our culture and government. It's that kind of rhetoric that is motivating black people to plan "race wars," or attack strangers on the subway.

Maybe America isn't as inclusive as what I experienced as a boy. Maybe while my friends played games, celebrated birthdays, and enjoyed each other's company, adults were at each other's throats.  But I can dream.  I can hold out hope that we can return to a time when we celebrated the many, many things we have in common.

Rather than have the powers-that-be tear us apart.

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