Biased SSRS Poll Tries To Show Low Trump Approval Rating

Over the past few months, the depths to which the fake news media has sunk is disgraceful. Their refusal to report on President Trump’s plethora of achievements (such as over one million new jobs, unemployment decreases, business improvements, a successful, rising stock market, and more) is shameful enough. However, since ignoring the President’s progress has proven to be fruitless, the media is now reduced to releasing deceptive, phony news alleging that President Trump’s approval ratings are dwindling.

Many Americans are most likely aware of CNN’s most recent report stating that a new SSRS poll has President Trump’s approval ratings at a low 38%. However, CNN conveniently failed to disclose the appalling discrepancy between the percentage of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who were surveyed in this so called poll. On page 11 of the SSRS poll’s analytics, one will see that 30% Democrats were polled, 25% Republicans, and 42% of Independents or other.

The Hill then cited this poll as a source to affirm President Trump’s “lows.” Unfortunately, both CNN and The Hill fail to understand that the validity of their claims disappears where the foundation is based on a highly biased and therefore inaccurate poll. 5% more Democrats and 17% more Independents were polled than Republicans. The aforementioned percentages will obviously create the illusion of stagnant support for the President. The media know this. By releasing misleading polls, they are attempting to weaken President Trump in the eyes of the American people.

Why are surveyors and pollsters so afraid to survey an equal amount of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents? Perhaps they know the President’s approval ratings are higher than they would like. Everyone is well aware that President Trump’s strongest support base comes from Republicans. This is why surveyors have consistently chosen to poll more Democrats and Independents than Republicans.

The American people are sick and tired of fake news. It’s played out. What kind of nation are we living in when we cannot even trust our media outlets to provide unbiased coverage without promoting their own agenda? The people of this country need to start speaking out. Instead of taking outlets like The Hill and CNN at face value, Americans must go straight to the source of these polls and look at the percentages of surveyed political parties. This is the true determining factor of whether or not a poll is accurate or biased. On another note, SSRS ought to be ashamed of themselves for surveying so few Republicans and then presenting their poll as accurate data.

As previously stated, the media’s usage of such clearly biased data stems from their desperation to discredit President Trump and present the failed illusion that he is losing support. Not only is President Trump being attacked from the mainstream media, but the deep state is playing a hand in what they hope to be his downfall, as well.

A recent, prime example of the deep state’s moves against President Trump comes in the form of three Republicans who intentionally voted against a skinny repeal bill which would have, at the very least, terminated certain segments of Obamacare. Considering the GOP’s inability to secure the needed support for previous bills which would have ended the failing ACA, the success of skinny repeal would have been an excellent start. However, as reported by Breitbart News, three Republicans (John McCain, Susan Collins, and  Lisa Murkowski) voted against the repeal of Obamacare.

Republicans campaigned on the notion of repealing Obamacare for nearly a decade, but now the time for action has come, and they do not want to follow through. Senate Finance Committee Chair Orrin Hatch fed the following excuse to the public to explain away the incompetence of the GOP: we’re too divided to repeal Obamacare.” According to John McCain, he voted against the skinny repeal because it fell short of our promise to repeal & replace Obamacare w/ meaningful reform.

While this nonsense is being spewed to the American people, the real truth is dark, yet simple. Somehow, deep state operatives have gotten their hooks into Republican lawmakers. Somebody somewhere is pulling strings and does not want Obamacare to be repealed. Congressional members are either being paid off, blackmailed, or both. The most plausible reason to sabotage the repeal of Obamacare is to hurt President Trump and his chances of getting re-elected in 2020.

Like the mainstream media, the deep state is well aware that part of President Trump’s Republican support rests on his vows to repeal and replace Obamacare. If deep state operatives can buy off Congress members and get just the right amount of GOP lawmakers to vote against the repeal of the ACA, how will the President be able to fulfill his promises to the American people, promises which won him many votes?

Despite the attempts by the mainstream media and deep state operatives, President Trump will not be discredited. His approval ratings and support base are not dwindling. There is absolutely no unbiased poll or news outlet to support such fallacious claims. In fact, the media’s incessant desperation to weaken President Trump’s popularity may be a sign that he is, in fact, becoming even more popular. The deep state might be slightly trickier to handle than fake news, but Mr. Trump worked in business and with people long before he was even considering a Presidential run. We the people have absolutely no doubt that, in the end, the deep state will be snuffed out and President Trump will continue to make America great again.

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