Agenda 21: California’s Quest to Steal Its Rural Citizens’ Land

If you live outside of the divided state of California, chances are that you have not heard of Agenda 21. Regardless of where you live, this bill should concern you, as it has proven a measure to forcefully strip land from those who, in some cases, have raised generations on such property.

More alarming is the way the government has gone about appropriating such land, steadily railroading the most defenseless of citizens under the falsest of pretenses. Motives for repossessing this land are unclear at this time, but the illegitimacy and savagery of such a policy could not be more obvious.

If you have a few minutes, this video provides gut-wrenching, real-life examples of how this policy has been administered and justified. If you aren’t shocked by these blatant abuses of government and enforcement, you may want to stop reading. This article is not going to resonate with you:



Before getting into some of the language and implications which come with such unprecedented policies, the wrongheadedness of California’s approach to taxation deserves some context. These rural, independent-minded Californians who have chosen a secluded lifestyle not dependent on government utilities did so in the pursuit of avoiding such infringements, along with other benefits.

They impose very little on the land which they inhabit, relying on real self-sufficiency that the state’s tax-happy government claims to be working toward. Yet, these are the citizens which the state government is now targeting, forcing them off their land by imposing untenable fines at first and, if that doesn’t work, demanding they find a new place to live under the threat of police force.

Meanwhile, California adopted a policy in 1978 that prevents the significant increase of property taxes unless land changes hands. This has meant that country clubs, as one example, have faced relatively low rates of property taxation for decades, shielding its ritzy membership from the increased costs that come with such rate hikes.

Apparently, in California, preying on the rural population, with far less access to lawyers or the knowledge to defend their rights, is a much easier and tolerable solution than imposing fair property taxation on the rich and famous.

Which is not to say that the rich and famous, especially in California, do not pay their fair share in taxes. They do. But when it comes to imposing such crushing property-related taxation on the most secluded and self-reliant within the citizenry, it is nearly impossible not to point out this dichotomy.

As the video shows, Agenda 21 claims to work toward “shared community vision” for these largely unincorporated regions. In reality, a “shared community vision” is one that politicians have written into law, irrespective of the citizens’ actual vision for the future, which in most cases is the status quo.

All the more absurd is the pretext that this “improvement” of land- limiting the number of vehicles allowed on a property, conducting near constant inspections to make sure a property owner is falling in line with California’s impossible vision of ‘the future,’ etc.- is being done for the sake of spreading renewable energy.

These citizens are, in many cases, completely off of the California power grid, relying upon solar panels, personal wells, and self-grown food for survival. These people have long served as the personification of the vision California’s government has professed to be working toward through exorbitant taxation, a vision of sustainability and energy independence.

Yet, those who would appear to be model citizens by California’s standards are now being told they must move from their cherished land or face tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in mandatory land modifications levied by the state government and its army of enforcers. And, no surprise, those who are least affecting “climate change” are being forcefully uprooted, and why?

According to officials from the United Nations- who for some reason have a hand in this policy’s creation and enforcement- these people are being forced from their homes to… help fight climate change!



You really can’t make this stuff up.

Particularly painful to watch are the rhetoric-spouting bureaucrats who return time after time, warrant or not, insisting that they inspect property so that they can ‘close a case.' Except, each time these officials come to ‘inspect,' whether watching a property-owner do physical labor to meet their demands or to take some pictures, they charge the ‘cost of labor’ to the property owner, further adding to the fines which will inevitably force the land-owner to abandon their property. These officials cite “neighbor complaints” as the reason for inspection, even in cases in which neighbors are not present within 10 miles of a property. It’s transparent, state-sanctioned land-theft. No less, but perhaps more.



This is a truly disturbing phenomenon, particularly for those Americans who still embrace and rely upon country life for their happiness and livelihood, especially those in California. And, to what end?

The motive is unclear.

It’s no secret that these people, independent in lifestyle and beliefs, are not the face of California as we know it. These people are representative of California’s conservative minority, salt-of-the-earth citizens with traditional values and viewpoints toward liberty in all of its forms.

They are less controllable than the monolithic populaces of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Controlling these people through energy costs and the restraints of urban life, or forcing them to leave the state completely, would suit most of the California legislature just fine.

More importantly, these citizens are far easier to railroad than city dwellers, though the urban Californians face their own kind of tyranny. The difference is that city-livers agree to be subjected to California’s insane laws, while these rural property owners have learned to live independently so that they do not have to rely on politicians to screw their lives up.

In California, Agenda 21 has shown that there is no avoiding the tyranny, it will come to you regardless of how far off the grid you live.

Under the cover of rural California’s vast expanses, enforcement teams demand that citizens leave their homes, and if they refuse the police force- armed to the teeth- are right behind the bumbling bureaucrat to ensure that these citizens do leave.

Some have speculated that the state wants this land because a highway or airport may be built. If they can force the owners off of the property and buy it for cheap, they could flip the land at a hefty profit.

This makes sense, but only time will tell exactly what the legislature’s endgame is.

It doesn’t matter if they want to build a massive research center to find the cure for cancer or a hospital for children. Forcing property owners from their homes under the guise of improving the land, a total crock, is unconstitutional and the stuff of dictatorships.

Worse yet, this state-mandated land repossession may soon be coming to a locality near you.

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