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Kim Dotcom Risks It All Again To Call Out The DNC

Kim Dotcom seems to be facing imminent extradition to the United States, but that didn't stop him from Tweeting once again about the DNC hacking scandal and his connection with Seth Rich.

China Ups Surveillance State Ante with Latest Tech

China's police officers will now have face-scanning glasses and body cameras, but there's good reason why nobody can be surprised by this logical progression in what has become a nation-wide police state.

RT Founder/Putin Adviser Dies by Repeated Drunken Falling?

The death of Russia Today founder and former Kremlin advisor Mikhail Lesin is shrouded in questions and suspicion. Did he die of repeated drunken falls, or were his injuries the sign of something more sinister?

Second WikiLeaks Developer’s Suicide is Tragic, Not Conspiracy

Though tech-legend and former Marine James Dolan's death may appear to be a conspiratorial pattern to some, there is ample reason to believe that it is merely as it is being reported: a tragic suicide .

What You Need to Know About: The PRISM Program

In Volume 2 of our What You Need to Know About series, we take a look at a program that renders much of our supposedly private information fair game for the NSA.

What You Need to Know: The Origin of the NSA

The agency that has become notorious for domestic surveillance was once purely military. Until President Truman signed, sealed, and delivered it into the grasp of the CIA.

MSNBC Hire CIA-Linked Reporter To Push Russia Claims

MSNBC contributor Ken Dilanian exchanged a series of curious emails with the CIA that call into question his ability to report on their activities impartially.  

Clinton Fans Plan To Falsely Accuse Sanders Of Sexual Assault

As reported by, an online effort to falsely embroil Bernie Sanders in the #MeToo campaign was started by Clinton supporters.   

Uranium One Grows: Russians Did Export, And We Knew

The real Russian-American collusion story keeps unraveling, with connections between the former White House, FBI, and the Kremlin  increasingly inextricable.

Facebook Eyes Final Data Frontier, Unrolls App for Kids

First they requested our nudes, and now they are asking parents for permission to data-mine their children. If they have the nudes and the kids, what is even left for Facebook to mine?


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