Vegans: Keep Your Opinions To Yourselves

Veganism is by and large a first world luxury, like organic eating or driving electric cars. It’s nice. It makes you feel better about yourself. But it is largely impractical throughout the world.

RT Founder/Putin Adviser Dies by Repeated Drunken Falling?

The death of Russia Today founder and former Kremlin advisor Mikhail Lesin is shrouded in questions and suspicion. Did he die of repeated drunken falls, or were his injuries the sign of something more sinister?

MSNBC Hire CIA-Linked Reporter To Push Russia Claims

MSNBC contributor Ken Dilanian exchanged a series of curious emails with the CIA that call into question his ability to report on their activities impartially.

Clinton Fans Plan To Falsely Accuse Sanders Of Sexual Assault

As reported by, an online effort to falsely embroil Bernie Sanders in the #MeToo campaign was started by Clinton supporters.

Uranium One Grows: Russians Did Export, And We Knew

The real Russian-American collusion story keeps unraveling, with connections between the former White House, FBI, and the Kremlin increasingly inextricable.

Facebook Co-Founder Parker: We Hijacked Your Mind

Parker and Zuckerberg’s driving question was “how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'"

DNC Chair STILL Denies 2016 Primary Rigged Against Sanders

DNC Chair Tom Perez did admit to the rigging at one point, but he conveniently walked back those statements.

Why Does Facebook Want Your Nudes?

Who do you trust more with your nudes, Facebook or your bitter ex?

Donna Brazile: Clinton Took Over The DNC

According to Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton bought out the DNC way before the nominations were in. And that's not all.

George Soros: A Favorite Scapegoat Of The Right

If the right’s ideas of the left’s intentions for the future of this country are bricks, someone like George Soros is the mortar.

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