Conspiracy News

Kaspersky Software Banned On U.S. Government Computers

The Kaspersky ban may be one of the first tangible examples of policymakers wielding their authority in response to suspicions of 2016 Russian election interference.

Why Would Democrats Oppose a Voter Fraud Investigation?

One would think that rooting out instances which allow for illegal voting would be a bipartisan cause, right? Hold that thought... 

Vegans: Keep Your Opinions To Yourselves

Veganism is by and large a first world luxury, like organic eating or driving electric cars. It’s nice. It makes you feel better about yourself. But it is largely impractical throughout the world.

White House Petition Aims To Declare George Soros A Terrorist

Although the likelihood of Soros being officially declared a terrorist is incredibly low, we the people must still exhaust every option.

Comey Was In Clinton's Pocket The Entire Time

Comey was never going to fully investigate Clinton, she was virtually guaranteed to get away with her crimes, which were committed under the eyes of James Comey himself.

Harvey: If You Want To Help, Don't Give To The Red Cross

They do provide immediate assistance, but at this point with weather and flood conditions, the chances of the victims seeing this help are slim to none.

Hackers Target HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' In Latest Attack

Though the leaks of HBO's Game Of Thrones is disturbing, Hospitals and Utilities are increasingly among prime targets for hackers, producing more than just lost revenue. 

Gab And The Dark Web Provide Refuge For The Alt-Right

As alt-right extremist groups are being removed from social media and the web, alternatives like Gab are appearing that have a natural appeal to alt-right audiences. 

Boston Free Speech Rally Shut Down By The Left

With every right-wing rally being equated to Nazism, and the media providing cover for the narrative, the left is killing free speech while looking like martyrs. 

Judge Orders New investigation Into Hillary's Benghazi Emails

Whether Clinton is convicted or not is almost irrelevant. Judge Mehta made the right call, and the State Department should investigate to the best of their ability.