Conspiracy News

Judge Orders New investigation Into Hillary's Benghazi Emails

  • Gabrielle Seunagal
  • Aug 10, 2017 4:11PM

Whether Clinton is convicted or not is almost irrelevant. Judge Mehta made the right call, and the State Department should investigate to the best of their ability.

Social Media Wars: The Death Of Free Speech?

Social networks need us, not the over way around. It's about time we started letting these companies know we're not okay with their censorship and thought policing. 

Alleged Russian Twitter Bots Are Taking Aim At The GOP

Hashtags like #firemcmaster and #resignpaulryan have begun to catch fire on Twitter, and intelligence analysts believe Russia is to blame. 

Biased SSRS Poll Tries To Show Low Trump Approval Rating

Despite the attempts by the mainstream media and deep state operatives, there is absolutely no unbiased poll or news outlet that can support these SSRS approval rating claims. 

Why The Powerful Don't Want You To Succeed

The war against exceptionalism is nothing new. There have always been forces aimed at keeping you down.

Alleged Cover Up In Toronto Police Beating Of Black Teen

It’s not just Americans that are having trust issues with their police. Dafonte Miller was not only allegedly assaulted by police, it also appears they tried to cover it up.

Are The Awan Brothers The Real DNC 'Hacking' Story?

New evidence about the Awans shows that they had means, opportunity, and motive- and maybe even help, in the form of DNC hush money from Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

JK Rowling Lies About Trump Video To Get Attention

With all the money and fame one could hope for, J.K. Rowling decides to use her clout as an author to promote lies about the president. 

New Suspicious Death Feeds Clinton 'Kill-spiracy'

Like the recent Seth Rich murder, the death of Beranton Whisenant comes with unanswered questions and suspicious behavior.  

Does Google Care About Your Rights?

The greatest platform in the history of humanity to preserve freedom—the Internet—is controlled by a gatekeeper called Google.