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London Mayor Proposes Car Ban As Terror Remedy

Pretty soon, Sadiq Khan is going to run out of things to ban. Eventually, the tourist spots will be closed. And, as terrorists find the average pedestrian just fine as a victim, eventually Khan will propose banning all-non jihadis from the streets of London.

The Trade War is Being Used to Further Thwart Web Privacy

Mark Zuckerberg has called for the establishment of privacy “carve-outs” in the name of competing with China. You know, like being able to recognize your face.

Admit It: CA Bullet Microstamping Law Is A Semi-Auto Gun Ban

The argument that “there are plenty of guns on the state register” or that “innovation needs to happen” doesn’t satisfy the gun lobby’s claim that the law is an impossible one to comply with.

Leaked Dem. Memo: “Undemocratic” Intervention Warranted to Rule Internet

Warner lays out 20 different guidelines by which he would seek to combat the influence of Russian campaigns against American people, who Warner apparently believes are incapable of exhibiting critical thought or, in the case of this proposal, detecting bullshit.

AAA-Rated Pasadena Uses Fake Fiscal Crises to Tax Its Citizens More

Call California government what you will, but don’t accuse them of being incompetent when it comes to finding clever ways to siphon ever-increasing portions of money from its people.

Google’s Potential Return to China Presents Ethical Quandary

Google’s willingness to relinquish what are surely lucrative government contracts that are likely to attract some of the brightest minds in the industry warrants some praise, but it also makes the company’s apparent decision to return to the Chinese markets a bit perplexing.

Damning 2002 U.N. Report Exposes Systemic Sex-for-Aid Scandal

“Agency workers from local and international NGOs as well as UN agencies are among the prime sexual exploiters of refugee children often using the very humanitarian assistance and services intended to benefit refugees as a tool of exploitation.”

Nepotism, Cronyism, Wingman-ism: Former FEMA Chief Went Buck Wild

A former FEMA personnel chief has been exposed as the ultimate wingman, but also one of the worst bosses in the history of bosses, taking equal pages from the Michael Scott, Howard Stern, and Harvey Weinstein books of management.

Wall or No Wall, Study Suggests Mexico Isn’t Sending its Murderers

Murderers have practical free-reign in Mexico, so why would they leave? As the prime example, El Chapo had to be extracted from Mexico – he wasn’t exactly eager to walk his way over the border.

China's Face Recognition Tech in Africa Could Be Despots Best Friend

China's tech combined with Zimbabwe's human rights abuses has many people rightfully concerned.