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World Bank’s ‘Human Capital’ Index = Shame! Shame! Shame!

With the announcement and explanation of the human capital rankings, it’s tough to understand why the World Bank is, essentially, shaming poor nations for being poor.

Dumb Cuts: Four-Day School Week is Cop Out

The answer to bettering subpar test scores, correcting disciplinary issues, and financial strain, they now tell you: less school!

Interpol is in the News Again, Garners Yet More Controversy

Critics argue that over the years, several instances have called into question the relationship between Interpol and governments with questionable conceptions of law, order, and due process.

Jeremy Corbyn Could be the Next UK PM, And that Should Concern You

Corbyn for PM in 2022? Consider the facts, then, please, re-consider.

In the War of Words with Bezos and Big Business, Bernie Wins

There’s no doubt that American employees of Amazon have one man to thank for the raise, and his name rhymes with Shmernie Shmanders.

5G is Pitting Politicians Against Carriers. It’s Unclear Who’s Right.

Keep in mind that 5G antennas will be ten to 100 times more prevalent than legacy cell towers, depending on the area. Politicians cannot help but see these towers, which cell carriers are absolutely intent on installing, as high-frequency dollar signs.

Emmanuel Macron Never Stood a Chance in Fragmented France

Considering that Macron seemingly means well, and that he is tasked with pleasing no fewer than a gazillion competing interests, each with highly-polarized demands, it’s far to ask: did Emmanuel Macron ever have a chance?

A Chinese A-List Actress Vanishes, One Culprit Looms Large

Rarely, if ever, do celebrities with 63 million followers simply go radio silent without explanation. But that’s precisely what has happened to Fan Bingbing.

Bernie’s Stop BEZOS Act is a True Feat of Idiocy

It’s about high-time that somebody puts an end to all the Socialist madness once and for all. We’ll call it the Stop BERNIE Act.

Tesla, Musk Investigation Further Polarizes the Masses

Perhaps he is a genius, perhaps he’s mostly bluster yet an expert showman. One thing remains certain: Elon Musk is the most perplexing, polarizing CEO of our modern time.