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Vatican Continues to Stonewall Earnest Sex Abuse Investigations

It turns out the top-down culture of sexual abuse, coverup, and status quo is exactly the same as its ever been.

Leaders of Eritrea, One of Africa’s Most Oppressive Regimes, Have Sanctions Lifted

For the people of Eritrea, the dictatorship persists, and little if anything will change, despite the United Nations’ implied endorsement of a Eritrean regime with a shameful record on human rights.

Venezuelan Military Purge a Sign of Maduro’s Desperation

Before being elected to the National Assembly in 2000, Maduro was a bus driver. And, he’s handled his position as leader of Venezuela in charge of the state-owned economy as well as any bus driver would be expected to.

Today in PC: School Bans Pricey Coats so Poor Students Feel OK

So what if Woodchurch High is unwittingly embracing the logic of Soviet Russia? It’s 2018, and if feelings of inadequacy and inequality can be eliminated through the shunning of material signs of varying expense, then it must be!

Amazon Echo Murder Case Confirms Fears, But Upside Hard to Deny

As laudable as a solved murder is, the way in which an Amazon Echo has made its way into the story brings up the oft-occurring question: is Alexa always listening, or isn’t (she)

California’s Environmental Policies Have Contributed To Wildfires’ Spread, Intensity

California’s state Legislative Analyst’s Office has pointed out the destructive, detrimental impact of well-intended yet uncritically composed environmental protection laws time and again. Naturally, the legislature has yet to take action.

2020 Dem Presidential Nominees are Shaping Up, and Here Comes Hill….

This Hillary Clinton has learned her lessons. This Hillary Clinton genuinely means what she says, and this time, she’s scandal free. This Hillary Clinton could be the first female president, could avenge all of the wrongs – the homophobia, Islamophobia,pick a phobia – that have been perpetrated under the current administration.

Release of Greek Terrorists Heightens International Tensions

While Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has named the United States as its most critical ally in the region, the underlying views of his party continue to rear their ugly head.

NJ Adopts Invincibility for Booker While Poor Residents Flee to NYC

New Jersey is hastily passing a bill that would allow Booker to run for president and senate re-election at the same time.

The France-formation Persists: Arabic Now Being Taught in Schools

Once again, France – in lockstep with much of its Western European neighbors – is proving that the discomfort necessary to create any semblance of unity in the future is far too difficult in the now to undertake.