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Cuba’s Sonic Attacks: A New Case Of Gov't Tech Weaponry

Cuba was caught using sonic warfare to inflict irreparable damage on American officials.

Missouri Dem Wishes Trump Were Assassinated

Missouri State Representative Maria Chappelle-Nadal apparently thinks it's okay to say she wishes the president was assassinated.

CNN's Brian Stelter Goes On Strange Anti-Trump Monologue

In CNN’s ironically named ‘Reliable Sources,' Steltertold viewers that, in his and his colleague's eyes, calls of racism and impeachment levied against the president have not gone far enough .

Goldman Sachs Seizes Giant Yacht After Bad Wealth Loan

While this lending practice is not particularly risky to either the bank, the client, or the American and global economies, it is noteworthy

Booker Appeals To Racial Politics On Weed Issue

Booker is taking aim at a broken system of drug laws, but he is doing it in a decidedly divisive and emotional way. He knows that race and possession charges are the way to do this.

Erdogan Targets Cartoonists In Latest Oppositional Purge

Once one of the most secular nations in the region, Erdogan is moving Turkey away from the West and closer to dictatorship based around fundamentalist Islam.

Ice Cream to Improve Cop-Community Relations?

Ice cream is great, and can’t do any harm. But in the grand-scheme of what cops offer a crime-riddled community, free ice cream is not going to do any real good either.

Half Of Detroit's Mayoral Candidates Convicted Felons

Hell, at this point, the good people of Detroit may as well elect one of the four felons. At least they will know to expect the corruption that seems to inevitably come with the Detroit’s office of mayor.

Google’s “Sexist” Employee Fired for Telling the Truth

A Google employee was fired for sending a company-wide memo which criticized some of the specific practices which Google has employed in the name of promoting diversity within the company.

West Virginia Gov. Leaves Dem. Party for Greener Pastures

In a state that responded strongly to Donald Trump's talk of coal jobs, West Virgina's Governor has decided to embrace the Republican platform.