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Why Does Facebook Want Your Nudes?

Who do you trust more with your nudes, Facebook or your bitter ex?

SEC Employees See Insider Trading-Level Returns

It looks like it pays more than just a salary to be an SEC investigator.

Euro Leaders Deny the Reality of Islam, Sharia Law

Imagine if, in America, the ‘revelations’ of any of the many Christian religious prophets were the de facto law of the land.

‘Bought’ de Blasio, Podestas Typify Rigged U.S. Politics

The American political system is rigged, and it's not by the people, or for the people.

Saudi Loosens Citizenship Requirements… For A Robot

The latest and most high profile member of the Saudi Arabian citizenry isn’t Middle Eastern. She’s not even human, for that matter.

Would You Give Up Your House Key for a Package? Amazon Hopes So

There’s something to be said about knowing that you, and you alone, can lock and unlock your door.

Two Newsfeeds: FB Becomes Even More 'Pay To Play'

It seems a sort of bait-and-switch, and there are surely far greater motives at play than ‘serving the users’ desires,' as Zuckerberg would lead you to believe.

Germany: Social Media Giants Must Censor, Or Pay Fines

This internet censorship under the phony guise of removing ‘extremist’ content is not new, but it is the largest move yet in the trend toward the death of free speech.

The IMF’s Conflicting Reports Spell Potential Collapse

International Monetary Fund: Is the world headed for steady growth through 2018, or is the global economy facing imminent risks that could cause a global collapse?

Classified JFK Files To Be Released Before Month's End

The documents will likely lead to a referendum on the intelligence community in the minds of many Americans; for better, or worse.