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FBI’s McCabe Cancels Hearing As DOJ, Fusion GPS Link Deepens

More secret correspondence and connections between the FBI and Fusion GPS have been exposed by the House Intelligence Comittee. Wait, isn't that the FBI's job?

Wray Tenure, Testimony: Same Shit, Different Suit

Until domestic bodies are reformed and grievances made right, nothing else matters.

AZ Not Only, But Latest, To Use License Photos As Line-Ups

Many, if not most, Arizona citizens had no clue they were volunteering for a perpetual lineup, accessible by local and federal law enforcement, by applying for or renewing their license.

Facebook Eyes Final Data Frontier, Unrolls App for Kids

First they requested our nudes, and now they are asking parents for permission to data-mine their children. If they have the nudes and the kids, what is even left for Facebook to mine?

NSA Insider Claims Russia-gate a Sham to Pump War Spending

Bill Binney is widely considered the ‘original NSA whistleblower’. Now, Binney claims that Russia-gate is a hoax.

Political 'Investigations' are Thinly-Veiled Shams

Forget investigations into selfish politicians, let's investigate a better form of government by the people and for the people.

Is the President’s Power to Wage War in Danger? Not Quite.

You can practically read the talking points now: ‘Bi-Partisan Senate Committee Calls for Revocation of Trump’s Nuclear Powers’.

The Left Shows Their Hand, Again: It’s Not Okay To Be White

2017, where being white and claiming not pride, not superiority, but mere acceptance of your skin color and ethnicity can be considered a criminal matter.

Facebook Co-Founder Parker: We Hijacked Your Mind

Parker and Zuckerberg’s driving question was “how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'"

German Military Offers a Scary Glimpse into the Future

The German military has put forth 6 scenarios for the 2040 world, some of them bordering on apocalyptic.