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More and More Americans are Growing Old Alone – Why That’s a Problem

With improved healthcare, as well as the decline in marriage rates and an increase in divorce, the baby boom generation is emerging as the loneliest aging generation of all time.

Unstable Stability in Yemen is Unfamiliar, Welcome Territory

A tentative ceasefire was reached in December, but much more progress is needed.

Latin American Women are Being Killed at Record Rates, So They’re Fleeing to America

It’s truly a matter of life and death for the women of Latin America.

How China Blends Consumerism and Communism

It seems that, so long as the status of foreign brands as luxury symbols to be aspired to – the clothing equivalent of the most effective skin-lightening treatment – is not alluded to directly, brands are free to tap into the accepted ethos.

Yellow Vests: Fragmented, Violent, Not Stopping Any Time Soon

The reasons for discontent given by the group vary; for some, it’s economics; for others, the French president; for yet others, mass migration has them riled up. The common thread: their yellow vests.

California Taxmen: Coming for Your Texts

There is nothing in California that can’t be taxed. Income. Gas. Sin. Carbon. And now, if tax-hungry members of the legislature have their way, your text messages are next on the list of items that will cost you some extra dough.

Reports Show Growth and Green Policies are Opposing Forces

Electricity - needed for growth - as we now know how to best produce it, is not good for the environment. Ipso facto, growth and green can’t both progress with the technologies we currently have on hand.

Netanyahu Faces Corruption Charges that Aren't Likely to Stick

Netanyahu will not resign. He’s treated the charges as if they are smear campaigns levied by his political opponents, and has even made light of their seriousness.

Here’s How Europe, China and the U.S. are Funding South Sudan’s Civil War

With the international community so clearly uncommitted to seeing peace in South Sudan, and the nation in the throes of war, how can the notion of peace be taken seriously by the average world citizen?

Conflicting Accounts Muddy Picture of What Happened in Russia-Ukraine Incident

Even mainstream reports acknowledged the Russian side of the story: that Ukrainian ships were sailing into their waters in a provocative manner.