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More Than 50 Arrested in Hong Kong in Massive Chinese Crackdown

The arrests targeted lawmakers and activists who participated in a primary election China declared illegal.

6 Arrested After Pro-Trump Protesters Clash With DC Police

The city is bracing for more violence on Wednesday.

Democrats Poised to Win Senate Majority: Warnock Wins, Ossoff Declares Victory in Close Race

Democrats would take over the Senate if Ossoff wins.

Thousands of Atlanta Mail-In Ballots May Not Arrive In Time Due to USPS Delays: Report

More than 5,000 ballots were rejected in November because they arrived too late.

Kelly Loeffler Says She Will Join GOP Electoral College Challenge After Runoff

Loeffler plans to join doomed effort backed by about a dozen other Senate Republicans.

Fox Host Lou Dobbs Pushes Baseless Fraud Claim After Lamenting He Can’t Find Any “Actual Proof”

"We have had a devil of a time finding actual proof," Dobbs complained.

UK Judge Refuses to Extradite WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to US Over Prison Conditions

The US government said it would appeal the decision.

Progressives Push Nancy Pelosi Over the Finish Line in Narrow Reelection as House Speaker

Pelosi was reelected with the narrowest margin in years.

Leaked Call: Trump Pressures Georgia Secretary of State to “Find” Him 11,780 Votes to Overturn Election

The call sparked demands for impeachment days before Trump leaves office.

Biden Plans to Issue Memo Halting Trump’s Midnight Regulations on First Day in Office

Trump is planning a flurry of last-minute rule changes.