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World Food Program: 98% of Afghans Do Not Have Access to Food After Taliban Takeover

More than half of the population faces extreme levels of hunger.

Sister of Slain Security Officer Sues Facebook in “Boogaloo” Murder For Pushing Extremist Content

Suit accuses Facebook of negligence in federal security officer's killing.

Great Resignation Grows: Record Number of People Quit Their Jobs in November

A record 4.5 million people quit or changed jobs before the holidays.

New York and Blue States Want Supreme Court to Bring Back SALT Tax Break That Benefits The Wealthy

An appeals court previously rejected the lawsuit.

Ex-Sanders Campaign Manager: Joe Biden Will Face “Progressive Challenger” in 2024 Primary

"A progressive running who gets a lot of support will demonstrate that the ideas that the progressive movement embraces are, in fact, popular," said Jeff Weaver.

Cruz Grovels to Tucker After Fox News Host Criticized Him for Calling Jan. 6 “Terrorist Attack”

"Tucker, I agree with you,” Cruz said. “It was a mistake to say that yesterday."

White House to Ask Congress for New Funding for Covid Vaccines and Therapeutics

White House crafting proposal for tens of billions in new Covid funding.

Maricopa County Republicans Reject Arizona Election Audit’s False Claims

The report identified 22 misleading statements, 41 inaccurate claims, and 13 falsehoods.

Biden Condemns Trump as a Threat to Democracy on One-Year Anniversary of Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

"His bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our Constitution, he can't accept he lost,” Biden said.

GOP Suddenly Backs Election Reform After Manchin Floats Filibuster Changes to Pass Big Voting Rights Bill

Republicans scramble to avoid filibuster changes.